Day 7 – Blooming Heck!…

As promised got down to giving the girl a good clean…. started at 11.30, finished at 2.45… mad I know but she looks fab!

As you can see….

After a quick shower I take a ride along the coast road..

There are several very posh looking restaurants so I think I will treat myself to an expensive meal on the way back.  I start up into the foothills then realise this is the same area I was in yesterday on the run out.. (Sintra), so I turn around and decide to go and get my late lunch.  The first restaurant definitely looks too posh so I go on a bit further and spot another one, again posh but there are a number of harleys parked outside, right this one will do.

I park up and go to the main door of the restaurant.. there is a bloke standing there and he gives me a bit of a weird look.. (I’m quite used to that so don’t take much notice).  I look at the menu and am disappointed to see it is all fish… but at the bottom they do have steak so I reckon that will do…  I’m pleasantly surprised by the prices, €25 is not toooo bad.  I turn to go into the restaurant when the bloke stops me and says.. ‘closed’… ‘oh.. what now?’ ‘yes closed’ he reiterates.  ‘Oh what a shame… what about the other restaurants along the coast?’  ‘All close you go Cascais’.  Ah I see… I get the picture, obviously I am not suitable clientele and even though I can well afford their prices I’m clearly not welcome.  Do you think it might be the converse boots, cut off jeans and bedecked waistcoat that put them off.. topped off with my usual cropped barnet or were they really closed?… discuss

Back on the bike then and down to Cascais with the hoi polloi… the rally site is absolutely rammed.. Bloomin’ heck, I think half of Portugal has turned up for a look.. it’s really difficult to get parked and a lot of the spaces are taken up with non harleys, which is a bit rich if you ask me.  I manage to get parked and just sit in the shade watching the world and its dog go by… speaking of dogs, I have seen two dogs cowering in fear due to the noise of the bikes going past, it made me quite upset, but what pisses me off is the owners, they just ignore the dog, why on earth bring your dog to such a noisy environment.. stupid and cruel.. I wouldn’t do that to my boys.

Mummys Boys.. awww I do miss them

After a while I’m feeling bored so I go back to the guest house and have a rest, it really is too hot anyway.  I spend some time re-reading my old blogs from Spain and Switzerland/Italy and it makes me think…. I wonder if anyone is actually reading this drivel???  Hey, if you are please can you click on comment and say Hi!  Thanks

I spend quite some time messing about with this blog, after the virus problem, and suddenly it is 11pm and I still haven’t eaten.  I get ready and take the bike down to the rally site again thinking it will of quietened down… no way… still hundreds of people, but now a lot of them are pissed!!  Manage to park and go to the same restaurant as last night for my rock steak… boo hoo it’s finished serving… damn should have had it last night.  Eventually I find a restaurant still serving.  I have a very nice Portuguese Steak… yummy.

I then have to ride through the crowds as the road on the site is only one way… people are so stupid, I am revving the engine but still they don’t get out of the way.. then one bloke starts shoving a plastic cup of lager in my face and jabbering away at me, obviously wants me to drink it, I say no thanks but still he insists.  I don’t know how I kept my cool but I did, I just kept saying no thank you.  The crowd then gets even thicker and its almost impossible to get through but luckily there is another bike in front and I am able to catch him up and let him part the waves.

I get back to the hotel at about 1.30pm.. there are still some residents to come back as half the bikes are missing, (theres about 6 other bikes at the place… mostly french).

Eventually go to bed, only to be woken up by the others returning.. ho hum such is harley life sometimes.

Nite nite

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