Day 11 – Moosing around.

This morning I realise I’m going to be leaving Canada today so I look for a dealership to visit on my way.  I find one not too far away on my route, in… London!  Well, I just have to visit it…

Rocky’s – London Ontario

There are two women on the accessories and clothing department who are very friendly and we have quite a chat about my ride, London and the weather.. feels like home.

At each Harley dealers I have been collecting a ‘dealer pin’ i.e. a badge with the dealers name and location, which I am pinning to my tank bag as I go around.  Oh no, they don’t have any left, they’re on order… damn! One of the women says, give me your address and I’ll ask my boss if we can send one to you when we get them in.  I am really pleased, it will be a shame to miss any especially this being the only one from Canada.

Before too long I am at the border again to re-enter the US, it’s at a place called Sarnia which I assume is the other side of Narnia from that famous book the Moose, the Mountie and the Broom Cupboard by C.S. Gas, (sorry, couldn’t resist).

Thanks for the warning!!

Another loooong queue, but I turn the engine off and on each time we inch forward to try and reduce the temperature.  I also put my sunglasses inside my tank bag this time… ahhh Stop the presses – old dog learns new trick!

The queue is to pay a toll and then a bridge and yet another queue to cross the border.. sheesh!!

Between the toll and the border there is an opportunity to buy duty free items… mmm I’ll just have a wee look.

See what I found….

Ain’t he sweet… a chocolate mousse no less

Next stop is not Kalamazooooooo…. I’m very tired so decide to stop for coffee in Flint, Michigan and while I am there I have a look on for a hotel.  I find one nearby… I just don’t think I can make it any further.  I can’t believe my eyes, as I turn into the road where the hotel is located there is an enormous Harley Davidson dealership right next door!  I didn’t know… honest.

At the Canadian/US border

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