Day 20 – Bugger!

Away fairly early this morning… But backtracking to Amarillo and the Cadillac Ranch first.

This is so Route 66, not in terms of the usual, well known, predominantly 50’s signage and architechture, but in relation to a frame of mind.. freedom of expression.  The owner of the field ‘planted’ these cadillacs and left them open for anyone to view, graffitti, enjoy and all for free, there’s no question of making any money from it as far as I know.  The only person making money is the young man by the entrance selling Cadillac Ranch souveniers out of the back of his pick up truck; I hope he isn’t related to the creator of this fantastic, ever changing, artwork.

Some people also give the plants a quick spray…

I also note that a few miles further on there is a Harley dealership and as I haven’t been to one in Texas I would really like to get a badge for my collection, so I make my way there.


Back on the interstate to Vega where I am going to rejoin 66.  About halfway between is a place called Wildorado, I have now passed this 3 times.. here is what my map has to say about it;



They are not wrong…. poooooooooh!  It seems the locals feel the same way…


Arrive back in Vega. In the town I spot a couple of interesting items… a bloody great arrow behind the 1920’s restored Magnolia gas station… erm what’s that about methinks… better stop and have a look.

Moving swiftly on I start to rejoin the mother road… or not!!!


Ok, turn around and back on to the I40 and very soon come off at Adrian.  A small town famous for being the midpoint on Route 66.

Got a bit snap happy here… Oh good they have a cafe, am dying for a drink… it’s shut, bah!

There is a german family here at the same time as me.  I try and take a selfie using the timer on my camera.. it works but I’m not happy with the result.  The german man offers to take it for me… oh yes please.

I chat with him for a few minutes… they have hired a camper van (RV) and are touring Texas.

As I have been riding the mother road I have passed many interesting sights and many motels etc. that have been running since the 50’s and 60’s, but, above all, there are a vast number of derelict, abandoned buildings that give the road a poignant edge

Some towns just haven’t survived the coming of the interstate and have disappeared altogether, a simple reminder that all things pass.

Soon its goodbye


and Howdy


and time passes too… backwards… I have entered a new time zone so gained an hour… yay.


Passing through San Jon, I spot a water tower so quick piccie


before continuing on to Tucumcari.. what a wonderful name.

There seems to be a different ‘feel’ to New Mexico, much more native american.

There is now a long stretch, mostly on the interstate and, as its getting dark, I realise I’m not going to make Albuquerque so decide to stop over in Moriarty, even though its only about 30 miles from A, I’m just too tired to continue as it has been a very windy ride through the Texas panhandle and it’s continuing to blow fiendish crosswinds in New Mexico.

I pull into the Ponderosa Motel to see if they have a room, and they do.  It looks ok so I settle down to try and catch up the blog.

Just as I’m typing I look up and see a bug climbing the wall… its not a mozzie but I have a ‘phobia’ of bugs in the bedroom – when I was in the RAF in Gibraltar I woke up in the middle of the night once to find two fat cochroaches sitting on my stomach, ever since then I cannot sleep if there are any bugs in the room – so I squash it, then another one and another.  OMG what am I going to do… I think they must have flown in when I was bring in my luggage, attracted by the light.  I soon realise they are not flyers and are appearing from behind the headboard and mirror.  Oh no there are some on the bed… that’s it I can’t sleep here.  I take some photos to look them up on google…

Yep, big fat bedbugs….. and in the meantime I have been bitten on the back of my leg.  I phone the reception and tell them I cannot sleep here.  It has now gone past midnight so I can’t really go anywhere else.  I did check the motel out on google and they seem to get positive comments so I take a chance on them giving me another room and it being ok… ugh!!

The manager comes over in her dressing gown and I show her the bugs… she apologizes, but doesn’t seem that surprised, which is a bit worrying.  Anyway they give me another room and I check it thoroughly before going to bed. Seriously, I have travelled over most of western Europe and never, ever seen a bedbug, let alone been bitten by one!

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