Day 27 – So, where the hell is it???

Up and at em this morning… it’s about 75 miles to the end of 66 and apart from a couple of turns it a straight run up Santa Monica Boulevard all the way to the end at Santa Monica Pier.

Going through the cities leading up to LA I can see the architecture has a definite California style, very Mexican in places but almost all low rise.  I love the way they have decorated their bridges and indicated Route 66. It’s all quite quirky in a way we probably expect in the UK.

I stop for a coffee and have a look on AirBnB for somewhere to stay the next couple of nights.  I find a place in Culver City, it looks really nice and the host Daniel seems like a good guy… He has rave reviews anyway.

On to Sunset Boulevard then Santa Monica Boulevard through Beverley Hills and West Hollywood.. I spot Rodeo Drive… Mmm might visit there tomorrow for a look see.

Here is some film… If I can get it to load grrrrr

nope.. I give in..

My Route 66 guide tells me to go off at Lincoln onto Olympic for the actual end point, so I do… Can’t find anything to tell me this is it.  I loop back on to Santa Monica Boulevard and on to the Pier.. Again there’s nothing to say this is the end.

I look for somewhere to park the bike, its all a bit confusing; this is obviously a very chi chi area, there are lots of high end restaurants and hotels with sections of road devoted to valet parking only and the rest is all metered.  I stop and ask one of the valets where I can park, he tells me around the corner.  I have a look but can’t see any bike parking so go round again.  On the second pass I spot another motorcyclist on a Triumph so I stop and ask him.  He’s from Australia!  However, he now lives in LA and tells me to just park it up next to a car, no-one seems to bother about it; just share their meter. As we are talking a space becomes available so we agree to share.  He very kindly pays for the meter, how nice is that.

The pier is a bit of a walk so I have a look in Pacific Pallisades park, there is a plaque to the father of the mother road…


Is this the end???

This must be it… A bit of a let down to be honest.

So now it’s getting dark.. I take a few more photos

and text Daniel to let him know I am on my way.

As I am getting ready to get back on the bike a very expensive white Mercedes pulls up, obviously waiting for the space.  The woman inside pulls her window down and says she has a bike at home and am I leaving.  I say yes, but I will be another 5 minutes or so.  She nods and sits waiting.  As soon as I can I pull the bike out of the parking space to let her in; while I am putting on my helmet she parks and comes over to me.  She asks where I am going and I explain about my tour.  She is very impressed and wishes me well.  I do get the feeling I have seen her somewhere before… her number plate just says Beverley Hills so clearly she is a woman of substance.  When I am back on the road I think she looked a little bit like Jennifer Aniston, of course it won’t have been her, but you never know.

Daniel texts back inviting me to meet him and a friend in a bar in Culver City, at first I’m a little hesitant as I do feel very grimey, but in the end I do go and meet up with him. They are both from Brazil originally and very friendly. I order some food and then make my way to his home. It is very nice and tastefully decorated, a good choice methinks.

Am really looking forward to tomorrow, I want to visit Graumans Chinese Theatre, the Hollywood sign, maybe a studio tour, Rodeo drive and anything else that takes my fancy… BUT… Daniel tells me the photo point for the end of 66 is actually on the pier so tomorrow the number 1 priority is to get back to the damn pier and get Route 66 officially finished.


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