Day 42 – Look away Dixieland

Today I’m heading for Tallahassee, via Pensacola.  Before I go I visit the local harley dealers to get a pin of course.

Again I avoid the interstate and take Highway 90 out of Mobile and spot a very large US Navy ship so stop to take a picture.

I was a bit dubious as to whether I should take a photo of it or not, given the heightened state of tension in the world these days, but decide to take it anyway.

I pass through the towns of Loxley, Robertsdale and Seminole


then cross the Florida State Line.

so bye bye ‘Bama… hello Florida.

The riding is pretty uneventful until I arrive in Pensacola and get lost!  I eventually find the sea but the road leads on to a huge causeway that crosses the bay.  I see that I don’t have much petrol and a sign does warn it’s a very long bridge so check your fuel… mmm better fill up then.  I leave the petrol station and the gps then routes me away from the causeway up into the interior.  I do cross a few other, shorter causeways or bridges before passing through Milton, Crestview, Defuniak Springs, Bonifay, Chipley, Marianna and the wonderfully named Chattahoochee.  It is now dark as I pass Quincy and Midway arriving in Tallahassee at about 8pm.

I spot a Starbucks so stop for a coffee and take advantage of their wifi to find a hotel for the night.

I arrive about 9pm and unpack.  They have laundry facilities so I put my washing on. I have to cross the car park to another building and there are quite a lot of men hanging around in the car park or sitting in groups outside their rooms, drinking.  This makes me feel a bit uneasy as I wander back and forth to check on my washing. Then I discover that the dryer isn’t working… its cold so all my washing is still wet.  I go to reception to let them know and get my money back.  This means I’ll have to try and dry it in my room and if it’s still wet in the morning, find a launderette to get it dry, otherwise it will mildew as the humidity is very high here.

I’m not quite sure why, but I sort of planned a two night stopover here… to be honest I’ve had enough of cities for now, (Tallahassee is the Florida state capitol), so I’m going to be on my way tomorrow.


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