Hi all… I have been busy trying to repair some of the links to the photographs in the blog.  I did set up another site called pogsusa2016 but this didn’t solve the problem as there isn’t enough free space for all the photos.  So, if you have been trying to view the blog on this new site it is now deleted and the blog is now situated on this site under the POGSBLOGS menu tab.  Sorry for any confusion, am still trying to re-upload the missing photos/videos.

The bike arrives in the UK on Friday (11th October 2016) so am hoping to pick it up early next week. I did think I would be allowed to ride it home but unfortunately UK residents are not able to ride/drive vehicles with foreign license plates, so I will have to rent a van to collect it.

Am thinking about the next trip in a couple of years time and New Zealand is looking favourite… wait and see.

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2 thoughts on “Update….

  1. Hi Pogs!
    Did you ever do a final tally of your expenses “over there”? I’m currently aiming at a 200$ budget per day for next years trip, and I’m curious what yours was. Unfortunately the “fart” got elected so I’m a bit apprehensive about still going, but I decided that I will believe that it wont matter (and that he’ll ruin the USD so that it gets cheaper for me :-D). Anyway, I wanted to also say that I enjoyed following your trip on the blog, have a great off-season! BTW, NZ is next on my bucket list too 🙂 Probably be going there in 2019.


    1. Hi Henrik
      Not done the final tally as yet but I would say I did budget around $100 a day but in reality it was more like $150 depending on hotel costs. A tank of petrol was around $10 and hotels averaged out at about $60 a night with the rest spent on food and other sundries. I really hope Trump isn’t going to be a disaster for the american people as I really like them.. I look forward to following your travels. Ride safe

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