Up and Over and Home

Day 4/5: 24/25th April 2022 – Osorno to London via Santander and Portsmouth

Out to pack up the bike and when I come back in a woman approaches me and asks if I would like some coffee… we’ll does the pope shit in the woods? Not only do I get coffee but also toast and jam, fruit and yogurt if I want, so a very nice brekkie, quite unexpected; have no idea what the chap last night was trying to tell me?

I get myself ready to go and Piggy won’t start… oh do stop it! She really doesn’t like the cold. A few more attempts and finally she starts, phew!

Last leg in Spain and it’s over the Pyrenees again. The day is cold but dry and bright, which is a relief and the bloomin wind has dropped too hurrah!

I elect to take the national route rather then the autovia.. passing through the wonderfully named Aquila de Campoo

Oh oh, see the snow on the mountains… erm no thanks…

I turn around back through Campoo and onto the national road a little way further to join up with the faster A67 at Reinosa, thinking better to cut through the mountain tunnels than go over the top.

Actually it’s a very pleasant, enjoyable ride, albeit very cold.

I arrive in Santander around noon and head straight for the ferry port. After a short wait am soon riding onto the ferry. While I’m unpacking a guy is going round adding extra tie downs to the bikes.. oh, oh, think it might be a rough one this time so I search out my sea sickness bands just in case.

I haven’t booked a cabin this time, I was thinking to try and save money, but am regretting it now. I dump my stuff at my reserved seat and head for the information desk to enquire about a cabin… oh no… I have to go on a waiting list, bummer. Ok well maybe I’ll be lucky. I then head for the restaurant, I’m bloody starving so sit down to a rather meagre portion of chicken tikka masala, (too mild actually), and a small beer for the princely sum of £14.. not very impressed.

At 2.15 we start to make our way out of the port…

Shortly after this some names are announced over the tannoy, but not mine, guess I’m not going to be lucky. About 20 minutes later a garbled version of what I believe is an attempt at my name is announced, so I make my way to the info desk. Sure enough they have a cabin, but it’s a four berth so quite expensive… bugger it, I deserve a little bit of luxury after the last few days so decide to treat myself.

I manage to get a couple of hours sleep and then make my way down to the bar for a beer. The sea is very calm so I dispense with the wristbands. Dinner and a early night is definitely on the cards, am very tired.

The next morning I’m up early and spend the day just relaxing, after all there isn’t very much else to do. The boat won’t be docking in Portsmouth until 5pm so at 4 o’clock I vacate my cabin as I don’t want to be the last one off again.

I’m actually one of the first down at the bikes and through customs etc. in record time.

A fast ride via the M3/M25/A12, through the Woolwich tunnel and home by 8.30/9pm… so all done.

Watch this space for my next adventure… ciao

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