Hold the phone…

The trip to Mongolia is off.  It was pretty much a definite possibility but unfortunately, due to various reasons this is now not happening.

However, we are now thinking of a Balkan Bimble.. riding to Moldova to enjoy some of the fantastic biking roads there are in-between.  We also want to visit Dracula’s castle in Translyvania and have a good look round the eastern european countries.

We are again limited by time and budget of course so looking at alternative means of getting to the Balkans.  I have already ridden in most of western Europe many times; France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Northern Italy so it makes sense to bypass those as much as possible.  Again flying bikes around is an expensive business so Sylvie suggests going by sea!

Ferries run from country to country taking us all the way to Albania… UK to Spain – Spain to Sardinia – Sardinia to Southern Italy and finally Italy to Albania.  This equates to around 2 weeks travel, including a couple of days exploring Sardinia,  saving about a week on the road and lots of petrol and accommodation.  The most expensive crossing is UK to Spain at around £300.

This is all looking great, then Corona Virus hits!!  Ok so Sylvie is not sure she can make it this year, I am still hoping to tour so have looked online and the ferries can be booked with a free cancellation period up to 2 days before each sailing, (except UK to Spain so have taken out additional insurance to cover this).  I have locked in my ferry bookings and wait for further developments around the COVID-19 pandemic.



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Grannies Go Gobi

Ok so for the last few months I have been in discussions with my very good friend Sylvie about taking a couple of bikes, overland, to Mongolia in August.

I have to think seriously about what bike I would use, obviously the Harleys are not the ideal bikes for travelling across countries like Kazakhstan etc. where the roads are often challenging so I need a bike that will be able to stand up to that varied terrain.  Now I’m not one to let the iron cool, so, while most people seem to ride either KTM or BMW overland bikes they are not only very expensive, but also extremely heavy, I have become enamoured of the Royal Enfield Himalayan.  I know of several women who have ridden this bike around the world, including Itchy Boots and a group of women who rode Himmies up to Everest basecamp… just fantastic!

Itchy Boots

Women Ride Himmies to Everest

So…. yep I’ve got one.  I had to sell my work commuter scooter to fund the purchase so will be using the Himmie for work until we go… and here she is…


Say Hi to Minnie the Himmie, catchy isn’t it.  I have to say I am in love with this bike… its surprising because it’s underpowered, very tall (for a short arse like me) and has practically no brakes.  At 411cc the engine is only 25% of either of my Harleys and a top speed of 70-75mph is pretty slow by motorcycling standards, but she is a joy to ride.. so comfortable.  The small engine does have excellent torque so will take off really well and the top speed is more than enough for the dirt roads of the Stans.  She does require a few modifications.. another top box, better brakes, crash bars, etc. so watch this space.

The main concerns for riding to Mongolia, other than the obvious ones related to the road surfaces, are:

How long will it take?

Looking on google we are thinking of riding through France, Belgium, Germany, Czechia, Slovakia, Hungary, Moldova, Romania, Ukraine, Russia, Azerbaijan, Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and into Mongolia.  Over 6,500 miles encountering mountains, deserts, rivers and some of the most beautiful scenery in the world… so quite a trip.  At a guess it will be 5-6 weeks just to get there so….

What are the alternatives to riding there and back?

Neither of us are able to give up 10-12 weeks of work to ride there and back so the alternatives are:

Fly ourselves and the bikes to Mongolia or one of the Stans and ride back to the UK.

Ride there and fly ourselves and the bikes back to the UK

Transporting the bikes overland one way is a potentially cheaper option then flying ourselves there or back.

Ride the bikes there and then put them in storage so we can go back and ride somewhere else, possibly through China into Vietnam etc. or via Afghanistan into India at some point in the future.

Issues for lone women travellers?

We would be crossing some countries that may be more difficult for women riding alone; Iran for example.

Emergency contingencies

Not only do we need to know where we are going but, indeed, where we are at any given moment.  If we are in the middle of Kyrgystan for instance and have an emergency, what do we do?  We will be looking into some of the specialist equipment we may need to carry such as satillite navigation, sat phones, sat trackers.


This is of course the main consideration, so taking each alternative in turn what sort of money are we looking at?

Flying to/from the Stans… the cost for each bike would be around £3000 plus our own airfares so probably another £1000 each.. way too prohibitive.

Have tried to look into having the bikes transported overland but not getting very far.  Have messaged a german company, still waiting for a reply…  mmmmm a touch of deja vu here!

There are apparently several contacts in Almaty, Kyrgyzstan where they will store the bikes for us, haven’t managed to get any details as yet.

So, looks like the game is on….


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WRWR – Last Day

1st May 2019 – WRWR Day 64, My Day 7

So dawns the last day of my trip to take part in WRWR again.  Colette will continue on with the WRWR from Amersfoort to Sweden and through Scandinavia.

Trui, Mar and I will make our way out of Utrecht taking fast roads to Ghent where Trui lives and Mar and I will continue our separate ways home.  Mar all the way to Oveido in Asturias Spain and me to London via Calais and the EuroTunnel.

We say your goodbyes to Inge and Ron, thanking them profusely for their kindness and hospitality.

The weather is fine and we are soon bombing along.. a most enjoyable ride as we take the smooth long bends in unison, like a short snake writhing from corner to corner, perfection.

A couple of hours and we arrive in Ghent.  It is May Day of course so, like many European countries, there are May Day parades and marches; Ghent is no exception.  Hundreds of people are milling in the streets all decked out in red.  There are small brass bands and groups of people gathered together waiting to join the parade.

Trui finds us somewhere to park our bikes and we make our way on foot to an enormous restaurant in what I assume is the city centre.  It is extremely busy and Trui spots a group of women she knows so disappears for a time to catch up with them.

We take the opportunity to take a selfie together before it is time to get back on the bikes.

Trui will guide us out of the city centre and then we will part ways.  But before we leave we ask an elderly gentleman to take some final photos of us and our bikes, unfortunately he doesn’t seem to be too sure of how to use a camera phone so luckily a woman comes along and takes over… naturally!

I’m sad to say goodbye to my friends, but we promise each other to meet and ride together again.  I, of course, live part time in Gibraltar so Mar and I agree we will meet up sometime in central Spain and go riding together.  Trui is off on her travels and will rejoin WRWR in Pakistan, but Belgium is just a few hours from the UK and I am sure we will meet again soon.

I must say, again, I am thoroughly enjoying riding on my own, it really is my preferred choice.  It has been absolutely an experience to ride with all these women in WRWR and I have met some firm friends who I know I will see again and again, but still I do love my own company.

I will soon be crossing the border into France and it won’t be long now until I arrive at Calais to board my shuttle.  I stop for a coffee here, it is really a beautiful day and some great scenery.


although I’m not sure this signpost is pointing in the right direction…

seems quite a few destinations are up a tree.

Just over 80 miles and I arrive in Calais in plenty of time to catch my train.

So that is the end of WRWR, I’m pretty sure I won’t be joining any more legs, but never say never.  Tomorrow I am away for the weekend with my club, we are visiting the Peak District so am looking forward to that.

p.s.  A couple of weeks later I get a letter in the post.. it’s a speeding ticket from when I rushed across northern France to get to Bollendorf for the German leg… sheesh!! one good thing, it’s only 45euro a lot cheaper than the UK and no points on my license so I pay up straight away.

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WRWR – Double Dutch..

Tuesday 30th April 2019 WRWR Day 63 – My Day 6.

So today is my last leg in WRWR, and I must say I am quite glad. I’m also sad to be leaving my new firm friends, Colette, Mar and Trui, whose company I have enjoyed immensly, however group riding of this magnitude and duration is just not for me, too much togetherness is not my style.

I ride the few kilometers over to Sas Van Gent to meet up with today’s participants. Again we are treated royally , with a cafe opening especially for us it would seem. We are right next to the canal so I take the opportunity for a few scenic shots.

It really is a pretty place. As you can see we are again a large group of bikes, I’m not sure how many but certainly more than 50. We gather for some group photos…

And another of the international set….

This one includes Sara, next to Mar and another woman next to her who I don’t remember actually meeting, (I am reliably informed that this is in fact Marianne Lebens from Liege).  Sara and Thirza are not riding with us today as they have to return to the UK, but it was great to meet them and hopefully I will see them again sometime in the future.

Very soon we are called into our ride groups for the day.. today we will have red ribbons. Our Ride Leader is a dutch woman whose name escapes me, but I think it was Lisa. She is very organised and starts by giving us a thorough briefing, including no overtaking, follow the dutch road laws, leave on time, stay in the order you start in, oh and did I mention no overtaking?? I give Mar a nudge and wink, she likes a bit of overtaking. Our leader, who I dub The General, is riding a big Harley tourer with all the hard luggage so I like her, lol.

Because we have the Celebrrrrity we are, once again, the lead off group and we soon depart making our way up the coast of Netherlands. This will mean lots of bridges and 3 ferries. We need tickets for the ferries, which we get before we leave…. one is free but we have to purchase the other 2.

We are travelling quite quickly and, although the day is a little overcast, we are making good progress… until we arrive at a swing bridge, which is just beginning to open to allow a ship through so we pull up and park. The big harley has its music blaring and before long we jump off our bikes and start dancing. Trui and I make a lovely couple, once we decided which of us was going to lead!

10205957067162244   (This is a link to the film on Facebook, am hoping Colette can send me a copy so I can post it here without the Facebook link)

As the ship passes through we climb back on our bikes in anticipation of getting underway when I notice the ships name and port of origin… ah ha, that’s my home in Eire, Arklow, Co. Wicklow so I grab a quick photo.. we are both a long way from home.

We soon stop again, at a motorcycle equipment shop, it’s enormous, there must be at least 200 different helmets on display, row upon row of boots, jackets, trousers, endless tubs of cut price gloves, tee shirts, luggage, bike accessories.. I have never been in a shop with this amount of variety and there is even a huge womens section, which is almost unheard of. I am fleetingly tempted by a gorgeous dog carrier… oh how I would love to bring my puggies on tour with me, but no I just think if I have an accident they probably wouldn’t survive. I do browse of course but I do not buy… I just don’t need anything! They have laid on coffee, rolls with cheese, or ham, or peanut butter, or jam… I have a couple of rolls to keep me going.

On the road again and we are soon boarding our first ferry. I look at the bike parked on my right and it is a gorgeous old Harley Shovelhead with foot clutch and hand shift… what a fantastic antique… the owner is also in my age bracket too so hats off to her, this isn’t an easy bike to ride!

I love the hand painted name “My Best Friend” and fall into conversation about hand shift and kick starts.. she says she got fed up with the infamous unreliability of the kick starter and had an electric start fitted.. I tell her I am building a bobber with a kickstart, foot clutch and hand shift, but I can’t get the electric start jackshaft to engage properly so she is still on the table lift. We don’t get to discuss it further as we are now arrived on the other side and need to disembark.

We are setting quite a quick pace and soon arrive at our next stop, another motorcycle shop, this one isn’t as enormous as the first, but again we are treated to drinks and cake. This shop is a multi brand outlet and there is a Harley section so I make my way over for a browse. Nothing here I want, however I do look for a poker chip to add to my collection, but am disappointed they do not have them.  I now need to fill up so make my way outside anticipating we will call into a petrol station next.  I ask the General if that is the case?  No, everyone has filled up while we have been here.. Oh, no one told me, I’d better go fill up now, where is the petrol station?  We are leaving now, you should have filled up already.. I feel rather reprimanded and am a bit annoyed at the way she is speaking to me.  I ask someone else where the petrol station is and am told it is just around the corner.  I tell Colette that I am going for petrol to which she replies not to worry, they won’t leave without me… Ok good.

I get to the petrlol station and there are only 4 pumps, all already occupied by other women and there is a queue so I join the end of one… of course the other queue is moving quickly , whereas mine is very slow. At last I am filling up and as I look over I see the General, followed by the rest of my group zoom by.. oh thanks Colette, so much for waiting for me!! I finish filling up and pay, then I leave the petrol station intending to catch the group, however I don’t know where we are going, I haven’t been able to download the route map. I pull over and before long another group comes along.. the purple ribbons, so I tag along with them. They are very slow, and there appear to be 2 men behind the leader and when we stop they seem to be telling the lead rider what to do, which of course I find rather patronising… fume, fume.

I am really bored with this group, no offence to the riders, but it is just too slow… after a while we board the final ferry and I see my group at the front of the boat. Mar, Trui and Colette wave at me, I scowl back of course, but am secretly relieved and delighted to have caught them up.

I leave the ferry with the purple girls, but gradually overtake each rider to get in front and then catch up to my group.. thank the goddess the General isn’t here ‘NO OVERTAKING’ oops.

We ride along for a time and it is now getting quite late. I don’t know how, but we seem to have lost half the group.. including Mar, Colette and Trui.. where did they go?? I continue to follow the General and the roads are great, narrow and twisty.. she is setting a fast pace so the ride is very enjoyable. Before long we arrive at Motozoom in Utrecht, our last stop before Amersfoort, or so I thought.


Anyway, I wonder where the others have gone and the General informs me that she has made a wrong turn and missed another stop off point so we have actually arrived in Utrecht well ahead of schedule…. oh… naughty General. They are putting on a BBQ for us and are already starting to cook. There are burgers and sausage.. it is only later that I find out they are vegetarian burgers, I thought they were dry, but they didn’t taste too bad actually.


A double sidecar… very spacious

I spot a notice, it announces that at 6.30pm Trui will be giving a talk about her book regailing her stories of a trip she took overland to Iran with her ex-partner some years ago. I am looking forward to that, I expect it will be in dutch, but nevermind I will go along to give support.

I notice I have lost my red ribbon.. I recall seeing a ribbon on the ground near to my bike so walk back to reclaim it, but it’s gone… damn, I wanted to keep it. The General is parked next to me and I mention the red ribbon, she says she has picked it up and put it in her saddlebag in case there aren’t enough ribbons for tomorrow… bloody hell, talk about mean… grrr.

Next a couple of dutch women ask if they can take a photo of me with my bike.. they want me to move the bike so they can take the photos, but I’m really not in the mood so refuse.. they insist that they really want to take a photo of me.. seriously!! In the end they say they can take a photo where the bike is parked already, so I agree.. how odd.

Shortly after this the other women start arriving, including my 3 friends, I am pleased to see them. The Celebrrrrity is soon accosted and dragged off to be interviewed while Trui, Mar and I eat more BBQ. Mar is due to be back in Spain by Thursday.. over 2000kms away. Colette is very anxious about her riding too fast, recklessley in order to make it back in time and has been encouraging Mar to leave all day.  I now chime in with her, it is really quite a feat to ride all that way in 24 hours and I agree with Colette, but Mar is in two minds whether to stay over in Utrecht tonight.. Oh, aren’t you going on to Amersfoort, our last stop.. I ask, No, this is our last stop, everyone is splitting up here, the leg tomorrow starts in Amersfoort. Ok I have booked a hotel in Amersfoort so I’m going to have to ride there now, over 40kms and am not looking forward to it.  Mar is suggesting that we ride together tomorrow morning as I am returning to Calais to catch the train.  Trui then says she is returning to her home in Ghent so why don’t we all ride together. Sure why not, but they are both staying with a woman called Inge in Utrecht and I am going to Amersfoort. I get talking to another woman and mention that I am thinking of finding a hotel in Utrecht so wonder if anyone would like to take my hotel in Amersfoort.. she stayed in the same hotel last night and wants another night there… after speaking with Trui it seems I can also stay at Inge’s home tonight and ride part way home with her and Mar tomorrow. I look for the other woman, but am too late, she has just booked a room already.. damn. I think to myself, well I have paid for the hotel, it doesn’t really matter if I actually stay there or not and it isn’t going to cost anything to stay in Utrecht tonight, so I cancel my hotel room.

It’s time for Trui’s talk… she also introduces Colette to the audience and invites her to talk to them about her WRWR adventures. Mar also gets a mention as one of the main administration team.. I don’t know how I missed that nugget of information, so after all this time and drama it is only now I’m finding out that Mar is in fact a big cheese in the WRWR organisation.. well I never!! Colette also gives me a nod too.. and tells the story of the smouldering engine… caused by the leather fringe on my Git Back whip getting stuck to the exhaust pipe in France… I am a little bit embarrassed by this story as I think it makes me look a fool… I do actually build motorcycles you know Colette.. hurmph!


The incomparable Trui

Trui then talks about her numerous trips to Iran.. wow what a courageous woman.. one of the many interesting points she mentions is the expectation that there will be a man involved somewhere.. of course Trui and her partner at the time are both women so they had to invent ‘husbands’ as it was dangerous to be unattached to a man, they might even ask for a phone number and ring them to check!!

This is the photo Trui is holding in her hand in the image above… Thanks for the use of it Txx


Trui and Iris at the border between Turkey and Iran 1999 on their Yamaha XT500’s rebuilt by Trui

It is now getting late so we make our way with Inge and the extremely tall Ron to their lovely home.  It’s not long before I am in bed, again a very, very long day.

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What a Load of Cobblers….

Monday 29th April 2019 – WRWR Day 62 – My day 5

Wow.. this morning everything is covered in a thick fog… I can’t even see out of the end of Hilde’s driveway. Nevertheless, we must make our way to the gathering point… carefully.

Pogs Sara Thirza c. Inge Vermeiren

Hilde leads the way and some 10kms onwards towards a restaurant in the middle of nowhere.. a very beautiful nowhere I have to say. We are in Kasteelpark, Gaasbeek. Again the whole restaurant has been booked out and I believe it may even have opened up especially for us… amazing.

There are croissants and coffee and it looks as though we are to be 100+ women again, just astounding.

We are split into manageable groups of around 20 bikes each. Today we will ride through Belgium, on a fairly circuitous route, arriving in Wachtebeke where most of the women will be staying in a campground. I of course will not… oh no… camping yuck!! No I am actually staying near Sas Van Gent, over the border in Netherlands where we will begin tomorrows first leg in Netherlands and my last leg of WRWR.

Each group is a different colour and we are given ribbons to wear on our arms, the international set are all in the Yellow group.. good. Apparently there were armbands yesterday too, don’t know how I missed that.

One thing that the Belgian women mention is the famous Flanders cobbled roads… oh oh, that sounds ominous… they are smiling broadly as they talk about it and are obviously hugely looking forward to it. Meanwhile, us non Belgians are feeling more than a little trepidatious. Trui attempts to calm our nerves and Mar gives us all the benefit of her not unsubstantial experience… stay in one low gear, don’t brake sharply, don’t change gear, stand up… stand up!! are you having a laugh, I’m on a Harley, no standing up on that I can tell you, my bum is firmly planted in the saddle. I am still feeling the effects of my very near miss yesterday, and the thought of cobbled roads is making me sweat!

We make our way onto the route and I am quaking expecting to be faced with mile upon mile of wet, slippery cobblestones.. after a good 15 minutes I calm down as I realise it isn’t imminent, but I have to say I am still a bit wobbly round corners and especially coming off of roundabouts… oh do get over it Pogs!!

The going is very slow.. even slower than yesterday… mmmm it’s going to be a long day.

First stop is here at Geraardsbergen in East Flanders, where some of the women climb a large hill,

but Mar and Trui decide to almost go for a swim…

very funny and Mar almost got a soaking… here she is showing off her numerous armbands.. where did they suddenly come from I wonder???

Mar posing as usual, while The Celebrrrrity, Sara and I talk sensibly in the background…….

Back on the road and soon we come across our first cobbles… thank the goddess it’s dry, that’s all I can say. I turn on my GoPro to get some footage of the cobbles… won’t be able to upload til I get home though.

(I’m now home and find that my camera didn’t record anything at all for the whole trip.. gutted. Thanks to Els for these photos of the famous Flanders cobbles..)

Next stop is lunch, at this all American/Belgian Diner in Oudenaarde, East Flanders… carrots anyone??

So, I bet you are wondering… carrots? what carrots? Well I shall tell you. We all troop into the Diner and it’s the usual American Diner fare, burgers etc. but everything, and I mean everything, comes with carrots.. of course we start messing about asking if there are carrots with the ice cream. I’m curious as to the significance of carrots, is Belgium the centre of the european carrot mountain I speculate. I have to ask. I enquire of the women in front of me in the queue if they are Belgian, yes.. ok so what’s with the carrots? They look puzzled.. I explain that I am wondering why there are carrots with everything, is it a Belgian custom.. yes they say, looking a bit surprised that I am asking.. oh dear I hope I’m not offending them. I’m not a big fan of carrots so I ask one of the women if she would like mine.. she says yes. To be honest, I felt I didn’t get to the bottom of the carrot question.

I order a burger and chips.. with carrots of course.. and I find that the carrots are actually a small bowl of salad with grated carrot on the top.. ah so that is the reason for carrots with everything, it’s actually salad!!

After lunch we are warned.. next comes the famous Flanders cobbles.. oh no, my heart sinks……

It’s time to suck it up and go, but we do have time for a group photo.. this is one of my favourites so far

Me, Colette (Celebrrrrity) and Mar.. the 3 Mouseketeeers

The cobbles await… and here they are…. rattle rattle rattle.. I am concentrating hard, keep in 2nd gear, don’t brake, don’t change gear… ok ok all going fine… oh shit, here comes a bend… my heart races… whew, I manage to get round, not my best bit of cornering ever… but I survive, whew!

Fantastic action shot thanks to Inge Vermeiren

Thank the goddess that’s over… oh oh there’s more, Stop IT!!! This time we are going up a very steep hill and as we crest over the top we are turning sharp left, my heart is almost literally in my mouth! Just as I crest the rise I see it isn’t cobbled, it’s tarmac, but my relief is fleeting as I see Colette has come off of her bike.. oh shit, I come to a stop and try to get off my bike as quickly as possible. I and other women rush over to see if she is ok… I immediately check and she is fine, it seems she turned left and didn’t have enough room to manoeuvre so went off the side of the tarmac into some mud, the side of the bike then hit the tarmac and toppled over, she is so lucky. Just then, as we are helping her and her bike up, another woman crests the rise and just keeps going, her bike travels straight into the ditch and she is thrown forwards over the handlebars, we are all convinced she has broken her neck, but she just dusts herself off and climbs out of the ditch. Wow, how lucky are they both.. and both bikes are fine too… amazing.

Pogs, Annie, Lille, Tiene, val motor c. Inge Vermeiren

The cobbles continue and I suddenly get my confidence back.. I am even going at a fairly rapid pace… be still my beating heart.

I must admit, I am very tired. We stop again in Brugge at a motorcycle shop/cafe and it appears to be a branch of Deus Ex Machina, the same as I visited in LA.. oh good, another coffee please. I notice that there is a petrol station next door, great I need a top up, they also have a jet wash.. ok so I decide I’m leaving the group here; my bike needs a good wash and I need a break. I am going to enjoy another coffee, fill up my bike, give it a good wash then make my way to Sas Van Gent and my room for the night.

But not before I meet this little lady….

isn’t she just the cutest thing….

I am also snagged for a photo shoot.. really… ok. Trui has asked Inge Vermeiren the group photographer to take some of me posing… I look forward to seeing them.

Time for a scrub..

that’s better.

It’s great to be alone, too much togetherness for me these last few days lol. I’m soon in Westdorpe just a couple of kilometres from Sas Van Gent. The hotel is basic but clean and there is a bar/restaurant across the street with the same name that I find out to be where I check in. This is perfect, I have a quick look at the menu and will definitely eat here later.

Everyone is very friendly, which I have always found to be true of Dutch people.. other people too, but especially the Dutch. A lovely steak and chips and an early night is definitely on the cards.

Especial thanks to Inge Vermeiren for all the fantastic photos of me xx

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WRWR Luxembourg/Belgium

Sunday 28th April 2019 – WRWR Day 61, My Day 4

Am up early again to get myself over to Bollendorf and meet the group riding today to Bruxelles, via Luxembourg.  

We are meeting at a petrol station just over the border in Luxembourg.  Bollendorf is on the river that constitutes the border so I only have to cross over a bridge and am immediately in Luxembourg and at the petrol station.  I think I’d better top the tank off while I am here, don’t want another scare like yesterday.

While I am filling up a voice shouts.. “Dykes on Bikes” and I look up to see a woman who I have not yet met, but have corresponded with online.. Trui Hussein Hanoulle who then rushes over to greet me and proceeds to take lots of photos.  It is fabulous to meet her in the flesh and I am looking forward to talking with her as she is indeed a fascinating woman, but more about that later.  I also see Els from Belgium and Taloch from the Harley Davidson Club Des Frontieres who I rode with in France.  Mar and Colette are there of course, Colette has started calling us her international visitors, while Mar has dubbed Colette ‘The Celebrrrrrity’ as she is becoming so famous and is now making a live video diary each day.  We have really gelled as a group and I enjoy their company enormously.

I don’t see Dori yet, she is riding home today, but said she would come and say farewell this morning.  There are loads of bikes and I am given to understand that there will be over 100 women bikers today.. wow, what a spectacle.  For safety reasons we are being split up into groups of about 20, I am riding with Colette and Mar and it seems Trui will be joining us too and we are the lead off group.

It is soon time to go and I am a bit sad that I don’t get a chance to say goodbye to Dori, but she did say she might get over to the UK this summer so I will see her then.

The weather is very wet, but the roads and countryside are fantastic.  Before long we all pull into the centre of a town and park up.  Apparently we are stopping for breakfast and what a breakfast it is.  We are in a bar called Alter Schwede in Remich and there is so much food.. all free.. wow, what a fantastic welcome from the Luxembourgians.. there is ham and cheese and bread and scrambled eggs and cake and fruit and, and, and oh yes coffee of course… all absolutely delicious. 

We have another photo op with all the bikes lined up.. I thought I had a photo but it seems not.. damn!

Back on the road and it’s a little bit greasy with the rain, as we turn onto the main road my back tyre skids a little bit, oh didn’t like that and then again when we turn the next corner… not nice.  We are soon rolling along and we enter a roundabout, as we leave the rear of the bike starts to snake and my heart is in my mouth.. I’m sure I am going to crash.. I manage to save the bike, but my heart is pounding so hard that I have to pull over.  Colette, Mar, Trui and the sweeper all pull up with me.  I jump off the bike and have a look at the rear end, I feel sure I have a flat tyre, but no all is fine.. so what is going on???  Colette says she thought I was a goner… me too.  We all think it was probably a combination of the wet road and the bike being new so the tyres haven’t been scrubbed in fully.  I get back on the bike, but have to admit my confidence has taken quite a blow and am now a little anxious when cornering.

My heart takes some time to settle down, but am still very wary.  Anyway, I have ridden through Luxembourg quite a few times and for some reason haven’t really paid much attention.  It is quite mountainous and there seems to be a castle around every bend.. speaking of which..

We pull into a car park next to this stunning castle.. there is a photographer waiting and we all troop up to the castle for a photo shoot, but also take the opportunity to take our own photos.

Pretty impressive.. this is Bourschied Castle in North Eastern Luxembourg, well worth a visit.

The riding has been pretty slow, and we soon stop again, this time for lunch. We make our way into a restaurant that has been reserved for us. I don’t remember doing so, but it seems I have ordered lunch, which is indeed very good. After lunch there is cake, but not just any cake.. two huge cakes have been specially made, one of which has the face of Hayley Bell, the originator of the whole WRWR phenomenon, I have to say it’s a little bit spooky, but one cannot fault the Luxembourgians for their hospitality.. a tiny country with an enormous heart. I really want to come back here and spend more time, hopefully in better weather.

Once more onto the road again and we enjoy slightly better weather, the sun seems to be trying to peak through.

All at once we arrive in Martelange, the meeting and baton handover point in Belgium. We pull into a rather small, scruffy car park where loads of women are waiting for us. There are a few film crews too, so The Celebrrrrity is hauled off to do some interviews. The baton is then officially handed over and we are back on our way to Brussels.

It is now approaching 4pm and we still have another 120 miles to go… and it has already been very slow…

Eventually we arrive in Brussels at the famous Atomium, and what a magnificent structure it is.

It’s starting to get dark and we are all cold and tired. I have been offered a bed at someones home, a woman called Hilde, but I haven’t met her yet. It seems the international crowd are all staying with her, that’s me, Colette, Mar and Trui, but who is Hilde?? Mar and I start joking about ‘where is Hilde?’, ‘who’s hiding Hilde?’ Who is HILDE?’ Trui comes to our rescue and introduces us. She hasn’t ridden with us today, but will be riding tomorrow. A last minute change of plan, Mar and Colette will stay in a hotel, it has already been arranged by the Belgian Ambassadors.

We all get back on our bikes and follow Hilde to her home. Mar and Hilde’s partner Johnny have stayed behind waiting to greet two women from England who are due to arrive at the Atomium this evening and will stay at Hilde’s too.. she must have a castle methinks.

They do indeed have a beautiful home and I have a room to myself, which I always like. I take my things upstairs and when I come down, the two girls from England have arrived, Sara and Thirza, and somehow also a stack of pizzas like magic.. yummy.

What a blooming’ looooong day… I really need some sleep!

But… lastly… isn’t this the most fantastic helmet you every saw??

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WRWR Germany – Der Eifel

Saturday 27th April 2019 – WRWR Day 60, My Day 3

This morning I am up early, so I take a couple of photos from my bedroom window… shame about the mozzie netting

By the time I’ve managed to sort myself out I’m running late so I have to jump on the bike and really bomb it over to Dierdorf without brekkie… as I arrive at the restaurant, we are meeting there this morning, I pass two women coming out of the road and I can see that almost everyone has already gone… but where to??  Luckily there are two women left, well lucky for me as one of them has actually broken down.  Now, normally I would ask what the problem is and see if I could fix it, but I don’t want to lose the rest of the girls.  The other woman, who is German says they have all gone to fuel up at a petrol station nearby and I look for it on Google Maps.  I check with her… is this the right one, she confirms and actually follows me to it.

Everyone is there, except for a few they are waiting for, including Dori, so it seems I have time for a coffee and croissant.. yippee!!  There looks to be at least 20 bikes, so quite a large group of riders


and here we are leaving.. on our way.. yay

The weather is gloomy but dry as we head off into the Eifel region. It is very beautiful with lots of fast, but twisty roads.

We arrive at a river and await a ferry to cross over… I can’t resist this selfie op!!

Soon the ferry arrives and we all ride on… it’s always great to be on a boat in my view and even despite the gloomy weather I enjoy the scenery.

Next stop on our journey is for lunch and we ride into a car park in Bad Munstereifel, what a pretty town.

We all gather at a small restaurant for lunch.. it is very quirky and the food is excellent. Some of the girls have sat outside, but I much prefer to eat indoors. Am very relieved to have gotten a seat, especially when it starts to pour with rain.

A very delicious lunch indeed. We stop for about an hour and then back to the bikes and once again into the beautiful mountainous countryside.

We have been on the road for several hours since we left this morning and the bike is now showing a petrol warning light.. mmm we must be stopping soon. The fuel consumption on this bike is not great, especially on fast roads. The bike shows me how many miles of fuel I have left, but I don’t trust it. When I had the Sportster 48 it would show ‘low miles’ with about 10 miles of fuel left, until, on a very hot day, it ran out on a motorway after just a few miles and I had to wait for recovery. This bike seems to show the warning light at around 50 miles to go so now its showing 40 miles. We do stop for a route check, (a group of the german girls get together and discuss routes options), and I take the opportunity to tell the ride leader I have about 40kms of fuel left so need to stop.

I’m now getting very worried that I am going to run out of fuel, the indicator is saying ‘low miles’, but I don’t know what that means for this bike. I drop back to the sweeper and tap my tank frantically to indicate low fuel, he, (don’t go there), nods so I am relieved and expect to stop in the next few miles… but no.. we continue up into the mountains, lots of great twistys that I’m not really enjoying because I’m expecting the bike to cough and stop at any time. At last we pull over for a photo op of the fantastic views and I jump off the bike. I say to the sweeper that I am almost out, but he reassures me there is a petrol station just up around the bend.. phew!! I speak to the ride leader and explain that it’s a new bike and I haven’t really got a good idea of the tank capacity so I probably over estimated at 40kms.

The views here are stunning… shame about the weather, but even so very impressive. These are the Manderscheid Castles

Back on the road and sure enough, round a couple of bends and into a small town… hurrah! there is a petrol station, I am very relieved to be able to fill the tank up.

We now descend and join a fast road, just then its begins to rain, then rain harder, then blooming’ hell…. hailstones, huge hailstones… ouch that hurts. We pull over and take cover under a bridge.

Look at the size of them!! I don’t wear a full face helmet, so yep was regretting it, slightly, at this moment.

The hail shower is soon over so back on the road to Bollendorf. The sun almost comes out as we arrive.

As this is the last time Dori will ride with me on the Relay, we grab an opportunity for a few photos with the famous WRWR baton… Dykes on Bikes, we represent!!

I am staying in a hotel about 14kms away so we all split up to our various hotels. There is a meal booked in a restaurant this evening, but, even though I have paid, I am so exhausted that I really can’t face coming back into Bollendorf. I say I may return if the weather stays as it is now, but not if it rains again.

The Hotel Europa is actually situated in the town of Holstrum, in a valley the other side of the mountain from Bollendorf. When I arrive I am greeted by Mein Host, he looks like he might enjoy a stein or two. He asks if I am alone?


All alone?


You have booked a double room?

Yes… he looks quizzically at his paperwork..

I can have a single room, I don’t mind…

No it is ok, we don’t have a single room..

Oh! I wonder why he is hesitating.

That’s €66, ok..

Yes I know. (I already know the price as it was shown on the booking.com app)

I pay with my credit card and he shows me up to my room. The room is pretty basic and there are two single beds, only one of which is made up. This is not my idea of a double room, this is a twin and, with only one bed actually made up, single occupancy. The room is freezing cold, there is a radiator but it is barely on. My gloves and riding gear are soaking wet so I need to dry them out. I get changed and note it is pouring with rain again so I’m definitely not going back over to Bollendorf. I look for information about the wifi and find an information folder. The first thing I notice is a tariff of room charges. Now I don’t speak very much German, but I can read quite a lot of it and I can see the a double room, with satellite TV, fridge, etc. is for, between 1 and 3 nights, €33 per person with slight reductions for longer stays. WHAT! I just paid €66… am not a happy bunny! I try the wifi… it’s shit.. I can connect to the wifi network, but can’t connect to the internet… really, really not a happy bunny!

There is a menu, I can order pizza for €10 so I decide to go downstairs and order it. Mein Host comes out directly and I order the pizza, he says it will be about 20 minutes. I ask if the heating can be turned up? Yes that’s fine. Good… I see in the folder that a double room is €33 a night per person so I have paid for 2. He says that’s because I have booked via booking.com and they have to follow their charges… I decide I’m too tired so don’t challenge this, but now it is obvious to me why he hesitated when I arrived. At least the room is clean and once the heating warms up it will be ok. I mention the wifi, oh yes, we have lots of problems with the wifi because we are in a valley, it comes and goes so you have to keep trying. Seriously, so he was able to see my booking ok…. mmmm…. I give up!!

Back to my room and I keep trying the internet but no joy… the radiator doesn’t seem to be warming up, but it’s looks like a pretty old system. After 20 minutes I go downstairs to get my pizza, it looks and is delicious.

I am now so cold that I decide to change and get into bed, the radiator is no warmer. I am too tired to go down again so snuggle up in bed and am soon asleep.. I hope my gear is dry in the morning.

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Wildwest Saddle Anyone??

Friday 26th April 2019 – Day 2

I check out where I am in relation to Lille Harley Davidson, oh am way past it and as it would take at least an hour to get there and back to this point, it’s not really doable… mmm maybe I can drop in on the way home.

I make my way into breakfast, the usual fare is on offer, but I just have some coffee and a croissant then pack up my bags ready to go.  On my way back from loading up the bike a guy stops me and says I need to pay for breakfast, it wasn’t included with the room so I have to cough up €8, an expensive coffee really.

I wonder whether there will be a problem exiting the compound, but no worries the gate is wide open already so I am quickly on my way.

I must say I am enjoying this bike, it is comfortable and even the seat is ok, which is a miracle for Harley stock seats, they are usually very uncomfortable and one of the first things I change.. think I will keep this one though.  I actually don’t expect to change very much on this bike, I don’t have the money for one thing and I am pretty happy with the way it looks straight out of the box.  The exhaust is quiet though and as you know I am a firm believer in ‘Loud Pipes Save Lives’ that is why I have bought the S&S Grand National Slip On Cans that I will fit when I get home.

One thing I really don’t like, however, are the mirrors, I can hardly see anything except my sleeves, because the mirror arms are very short, so I moved them to underneath the handlebars and now I have chipped the paint on the tank as when I put full left lock on the bars the mirror bashed into the tank… gutted… the bike is only one day old!!

I have to run the bike in for the first 1000 miles and this used to be at a maximum 50mph but this engine I can run up to 80mph so I do manage to use the full gear range and once or twice slightly go over the 80 limit… I am being careful though as I don’t want any problems with this bike.

I enter the small town of Beaumont and, as it is almost lunchtime, I decide to stop for a break and some lunch.

There are a few eateries, but I decide on this one… obviously

I enjoy a delicious Omelette and chips and then get back on my way.

Having missed out on Lille HD I note that I will be passing another dealer at Namur so decide to drop in there.

Nothing of note. I do pick up a poker chip, but don’t purchase anything else…. for a change.

Next it’s onward to Liege in Belgium… ah ha, they also have a Harley shop, of course one must stop and peruse…

Wow, what a fabulous photo and just look at the saddle on this bike… now that’s really worth seeing.

Again, I just pick up a chip and am soon back on the road… onwards mon brave!!

I arrive at last at my overnight accommodation just 10kms from Dierdorf in Oberraden. I am staying in a Pension, but the door is locked and it looks empty. I check out my booking confirmation and I see that I have to go over the road to a hotel to check in and get my key. Everyone in the hotel is very friendly and asks if I am part of WRWR… wow, that’s a surprise.. another woman who is riding tomorrow is staying in the hotel and has told them all about it.. oh good, saves me having to do it… lol!!

A young chap then takes me over to the Pension… my room is on the top floor, in the attic.. of course.. standard… apparently there are some other people staying, workmen, but I don’t see any of them. Once I have unpacked the bike I need to ride over to Dierdorf to meet up with the women for dinner, I hope I’m not going to be late.

I find the restaurant straight away and there are a couple of women parking up their bikes as I arrive. They confirm I am in the right place. Once parked I start to make my way inside the restaurant but am immediately waylaid by my friend Dori G from Dykes on Bikes Hamburg.. it is almost a year since we visited DoB Hamburg and very good to see her again. We chat for a while and then she disappears to her hotel for a shower and change so I make myself comfortable in the restaurant with a nice cup of coffee of course. I do wonder what the plan is for the meal as I see several tables occupied by women in motorcycle gear, they are already eating so I ask if I can order. It seems that the whole restaurant has been booked out by the German WRWR Ambassadors and we can order and eat when we please.

My food comes quite quickly and as I am tucking in, in comes my old friends from the previous legs Colette and Mar, I am absolutely delighted to see them again and they come and join me at my table with Livi the German Ambassador and her boyfriend… what a jolly evening we all spend together, such a grand time.

Dori returns from her shower and is at the next table; as soon as I finish eating I go over to talk to her, she would like a photo with me, of course says I…


At about 9.30 I really pretty bushed so make my escape back to the Pension and hopefully a good nights sleep. Tomorrow we meet at 8am so I need to be up and at em very early as have to pack and get over to Dierdorf by then… zzzzzzz

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WRWR – The Sequal

25th April 2019 – Day 1

I am going across to France this afternoon and into Belgium on my way to rejoin the Women Riders World Relay in Dierdorf Germany tomorrow evening.

I have had to pack all my gear into my dry sack backpack as the sissy bar and rack didn’t arrive yesterday. That means I will have to carry everything on my back for the next 7 days, oh joy especially on a new bike. My train is at 5.20 and, as I am working until 2, I will have to go straight from work.

I then receive a message that I am only going to be needed until 12 so a quick change of plan, I will now return home from work in hopes that the bar and rack arrive this morning and I can fit them quickly before I have to leave for Folkestone Eurotunnel terminus. I receive another message later in the morning that the items have been delivered so all good.

I get home and sure enough the sissy bar and luggage rack have arrived along with the S&S slip on exhaust mufflers and the Fuel Pak, but I only have time to fit the bar and rack, I still need the high flow air intake to arrive from Jersey HD.

It’s now 1.30 so I have less than an hour to put this together and get it fitted to the bike and repack my gear… I’m not going to do it in time so I reschedule my train for 7.20 this evening giving me an extra 2 hours to get everything sorted.

All done and packed ready to go…

I know the packing looks enormous but I’ve only got the dry sack backpack and a small day bag under there I promise.

I got a few bits done to the bike yesterday… fitted mounts for my phone and camera, added a heat shield to the exhaust, moved the mirrors to under the handlebars, I really prefer that position, and fitted a helmet lock. I was going to wire in my gps cradle and a twin port usb charger, but that necessitates removal of the fuel tank and I didn’t have time. I also found a small square box on the side of the frame between the forks and the petrol tank… what’s this I thought… wow HD have fitted a usb port to the bike already, well that is impressive I must say.

All my farewells done and I’m on my way. The weather at the moment is perfect although thunderstorms, heavy showers and high winds are predicted for the next 4-5 days so I am wearing my full biker cordura gear instead of my usual jeans and leather jacket.

I arrive at Folkestone without incident and soon board the train. I forget, as usual, that the time will shoot forward an hour when I get to France which means a 9pm arrival so I don’t think I am going to make it into central Belgium today as planned. In fact I am already thinking about where I am going to stay tonight. At about 9.45 I stop in a largish town and break out the trusty Booking.com to find a room… wow it is soooo expensive, 120 euros for one night… I’m not staying here. I carry on and the next big city is Lille… ahhhh Lille Harley Davidson, I have been there several times before so I could pop in tomorrow morning for a mooch. I arrive in Lille around 10.15 and find a room at an Ibis Budget so make my way there. It is just off the D656 at Wasquehal round behind a shopping centre where I also spot a McDonalds so will come back here to grab a quick bite… better than nothing.

Well, that’s if I can get into the bloomin’ hotel. It’s like Fort Knox, surrounded by high metal fences. There is a notice on the large gate in several languages including English explaning that if you don’t know your room code then walk into reception and check in to get your code and you can return to your vehicle, input the code on the keypad next to the gate and drive in… what a palaver! Ok, so how do I walk to reception, the small pedestrian gate seems to be locked.. am getting a bit exasperated when a man starts walking down from reception. I’m not sure if he is staff or a guest, but am trying to prepare my best Franglais to ask how to get in when he says in perfect English are you booked in? Yes.. to which he nods and pulls the pedestrian gate really hard so that it swings open.. ahh it wasn’t locked at all, I’m just puny. I follow the man into reception and get my code. Am soon parked up and unload the bike. It is now 11pm so I hope the Maccy D is still open… I ride over and although the seated area is shut the drive through is still open so queue up to get a big mac meal. Thankfully she gives me a bag with handles so I can carry it on the handlebars. I get back to the room and find the food is stone cold.. yuck, but I’m hungry enough to eat some of it.

I’m absolutely shattered, its been a bit of a whirlwind two weeks what with all the bike trouble etc. but am looking forward to the ride to Germany tomorrow.. nite nite

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Never say Never…

Wednesday 24th April

Well, quite a lot has happened since I left WRWR and went to Gibraltar. Actually, before I left for the relay, the V-Rod decided to go on strike, only firing on the rear cylinder. I managed to coax it home and then up to the workshop intending to try and fix it myself on my return from WRWR… and thereby hangs a tale!

When I got home I had a look on one of the V-Rod forums to see if anyone had any ideas about what the problem might be on such a new bike and it looks like it could be the front coil – the V-Rod has two coil ‘packs’ one in the middle of each cylinder, they actually plug into the top of the spark plugs. Every post seemed to indicate this or one of the earth connections having come loose. It’s a bit of a pain to get to the coils, I have to take off the false petrol tank, the air filter and the velocity stacks and remove the battery to get to the front cylinder head, what a bloody nightmare. The first step is to swap the two coil packs over and start the bike to see if the coil pack is the problem as, if so, the front cylinder would fire and the rear not. However, bright spark me decides to buy a new coil anyway… don’t ask… of course it isn’t the coil at all, but I had to put it all back together to test it, (of course as I’m typing this I’m thinking I actually didn’t need to put it all back, just the battery… mmmm). While I had the coils off I did check the plugs aswell, all good. Ok well I’m going to need the bike next week for a charity challenge ride Annemarie and I are doing for the club next monday, so I better have it taken to Harley to have a look. I usually would go to Warrs at Mottingham as its only 6 miles away, but it’s Monday tomorrow and they are shut. I bought the bike from Lakeside HD so I give them a ring and arrange to have the bike taken over tomorrow morning.

Next morning I go over to the workshop to meet the recovery guy and hand over the bike, then I have to go to work. On Tuesday I call Lakeside to find out what the problem is.. oh, they might be able to look at it late on Thursday afternoon, but I need the bike back, can I have a loan bike… no, we only have one and it’s already out on loan. I have to have a bike for Monday and I’m very fed up with the rod; this is the second breakdown in a year of a new bike thats only done 5000 miles… its gotta go!

I start thinking that I might be better off with another marque, so I start looking at Triumph, I’ve always fancied a Bonneville or maybe another Kawasaki, I like the old bikes especially the 750 Zephyr that I almost bought 25 years ago but got a ZZR600 instead. I have a look on flea bay, there’s quite a few old Zephyrs but they are expensive, looks like they’re a bit of a collectors item. Anyway, long story short – for a change – I decide to test ride a bonnie and am not feeling the love.. it’s ok but feels under powered and clunky, so not for me. Thursday morning I get a call from Lakeside HD and they haven’t managed to trace the problem yet, but they think it’s the wire from the ECM (Electronic Control Module i.e. the brain) to the front coil, is it ok for him to piggy back a wire to test the circuit… erm yes ok, thinking why are they asking me??? Then she tells me that he has already spent 2 hours on the bike and tracing a wiring problem could take several more hours… what about the warranty says I, oh no, she says, it ran out on the 17th March, I say, two weeks ago, come on its only done 5000 miles surely you can look at it under warranty, nope no deal and the bill is currently £180 with possibly the same again plus parts, what do I want them to do… well like I’ve got a choice! They will call back later this afternoon.. um ok. At 5 o’clock I still haven’t heard anything so give them a ring, the woman I spoke to has left already so I have to call back in the morning. So, if I had taken the bike to them when the fault first happened then it would still have been under warranty.. OMG what a bloody plonker!!!!

Right, I need a bike for a club ride on Saturday and the challenge ride on Monday so I ring Warrs and book a hire bike from tomorrow (friday) late afternoon to next wednesday morning – 400 quid… kerching!!

The bike is a Sportster 48, a new one and it’s really a great bike.. I know cos I used to own one, but had forgotten how much fun it is to ride. While I am at Warrs I spend some time looking at the bikes and am offered a test ride on a new Breakout 114 and a new Fat Bob 114. These are the new Milwalkee 8 engines so I am keen to try them out. They are both great bikes, but I really like the Fat Bob, it is very comfortable and the Breakout is a little bit too much like my Fat Boy. I get the sales man to knock up some figures for me, how much roughly for the V-Rod in part ex for the Fat Bob in Wicked Red with loud pipes?? Food for thought.

I ring Lakeside… notice how they haven’t rung me… I speak with a different woman and am told the wire isn’t the problem and now they have other bikes booked in so they will have to rebook my bike for next week… am speechless… well sort of, at least I have the sporty.

On saturday I go out on a club ride and during the day Lakeside call me, they believe it’s the ECM at fault, I explain that it was only changed 6 months ago by Warrs, she says she can’t find it in the bikes record so will call Warrs to confirm and let me know.

On monday Annemarie and I attempt to ride 250 miles in 6 hours, which is harder than it looks, for our club nominated charity The Outside Project for homeless LGBTQI londoners. We have both got a few sponsors so hope to make a bit of money for the charity. The weather is glorious and all is going to plan until after about 120 miles we stop in Great Yarmouth for petrol and I, for the first time ever, put diesel in… the bike won’t run of course so it looks like my ride is over. Annemarie offers to stay with me but I insist she carry on for the charity so off she goes. I call the recovery service who, because its a hire bike, won’t take the diesel out so I can get going, they will only recover me to the nearest dealer, which is Norwich, and I will have to find my own way home… great. I ring Norwich hoping they will get me back on the road… they’re shut!! I call the recovery back, who don’t believe me and then say they will recover me to Norwich and store the bike overnight, seriously… I say what about Newmarket? They reluctantly agree to recover me to Newmarket, so I call them to ask to get me back on the road and they are open, but no service staff are in.. ok I give up.

After about 10 minutes I think if it was my bike I would just take the diesel out myself so that’s what I’m going to do, but how?? I don’t have any tools or pipe/tube… ahh there is a patch of grass, if I push the bike over there I could disconnect the fuel pipe and let the diesel drain out onto the ground.. I leave all my gear and push the bike across the road to the grassy scrubland. I undo the fuel pipe and…. nothing happens… of course the bike is injected so the fuel is pumped to the injectors. Just then someone shouts from the other side of the road where my helmet etc is; its two young women and a child in a pushchair.. they are shouting to say they’re looking after my gear… mmm really, I’d better go and get my stuff. One of the women asks what the problem is and I tell her, she immediately says ‘yep did the same with my bike before’ and I am instantly ashamed for assuming the worst. These two wonderful young women proceed to come with me to the bike and we look at how to get the diesel out. We think about laying the bike down to let the diesel out of the filler cap, but I’m not really happy with that, I dont want to damage the bike, it’s not mine afterall. The petrol station is just there and there is an Asda.. the two women offer to go to the shop to see if they can get some pipe so I can syphon the diesel out. I am always amazed at how supportive women can be to one another and I don’t know why I should be because on all my adventures I have met some wonderful and incredible women who have helped me out of some very tricky situations.

They return after about 20 minutes with a new coil of garden hose, a bucket and a craft knife.. wow… they have actually bought this stuff. We cut a piece of pipe and I syphon the diesel into the bucket; it tastes disgusting and one of the women takes over the last bit as I have had enough.

I offer to pay for the items but they flatly refuse, just marvelous but I do wish they would let me pay. I thank them both profusely and give them a hug then push the bike over to the petrol pump and fill up. The bike takes quite a few attempts, but eventually splutters into life amidst clouds of acrid black smoke, a few seconds and then dies again. I persevere and at last am able to jump on and get going. The bike kangaroos for a couple of miles but at last settles down.

I ride as fast as I can to try and bump up the miles for the charity and when the time runs out have managed 170 miles in total. By the time I get home I have done over 250 miles but in 8 hours.

Still no word from Lakeside and the following day I give them a call, she says she is still waiting for a response from Warrs. I finish work early so decide to return the hire bike to Warrs today instead of tomorrow. I tell the truth about the diesel incident fully expecting to have to pay for the engine to be flushed out or something.. the service manager asks if its running ok, yes.. is it still blowing smoke? no… ok that’s fine then, don’t worry about it. Oh, won’t you need do do anything to it then? Well, yeah, we might take the plugs out and give them a clean, but if it’s running ok then probably not.

I ask him if he has heard from Lakeside, he hasn’t, so I proceed to tell him what’s happening with the rod. After a long discussion he says to get the bike over to them and they will do it under warranty as the fault is with the ECM that they already changed. He also says if I had taken it to them last week he would have given me a loan bike so I would have saved the hire charges… bloody marvellous, I so wish I had waited the extra day until Warrs was open. I immediately call Lakeside and tell them that I will move the bike to Warrs as the fault is related to their part, they are not best pleased. They will still charge me for their labour, £300, she seems surprised I don’t argue about it and tell her to send me an invoice and I’ll pay later. I arrange for the rod to be collected from Lakeside the following morning and taken over to Warrs.

In the midst of all this I decide I am going to rejoin the WRWR in southern Germany, so I will ride the last leg in Germany, Dierdorf to Bollendorf in Luxembourg, then from there into Belgium and on to the first leg in the Netherlands leaving at Amersfoort and returning to the UK. This was all going to be done on the V-Rod, but now I have lost all confidence in the bikes reliability and have more or less made up my mind to change it, but for what??

A few days later and the V-Rod is fixed, I remember it needs a 5000 mile service too so ask them to do that before I collect it. When I pick her up I am expecting to pay for the service, but he says not to worry as it’s only a small service and it will go towards the cost of the hire bike that I wouldn’t of needed if I had taken the bike there in the first place.. now why on earth would I take my bikes anywhere else in the future??

Riding the rod home and I just love it, well love riding it, she is a dream.. so smooth and responsive and fast!! But, the exhaust pipe is still bloody murderously hot and I’m half expecting it to break down again.

It’s now good friday, a bank holiday and easter weekend is here… I decide to go back to Warrs and talk about swapping the rod in for the Fat Bob. I’ll have to forego the Wicked Red paint and get the ex-demo in denim black, probably almost my least favorite colour, but I’m due to go to Germany next Thursday so can’t wait for a new bike. It’s a lovely day and I arrive at Warrs around 10 am.. it’s shut, what! I’m going out riding with a couple of the girls tomorrow and am busy Sunday, Monday Warrs is shut and I am working all day Tuesday, ummm. I did see a Fat Bob in denim red, seriously ugly, for sale at Oxford HD quite a bit cheaper than the Warrs figures, think I’ll take a ride over and have a look. I ring first to make sure they are open and still have the Fat Bob on sale, I also book a test ride, just want to make sure it’s what I want.

A couple of hours after riding around the M25 car park, I mean over 50 miles of filtering.. exhausting, I arrive at Oxford HD. I really don’t like the red, I just don’t like denim paintwork, which is odd because the Fat Boy is denim. Anyway there is a brand new shiny black one stood next to it and I get talking to one of the sales men and mention that I prefer the black one, but it’s a lot more then the red and that is a very good price. I go out on the test ride and really do like the feel of the bike. When I get back I’m seen by another sales guy, Jonny, who tells me the chap I was talking to earlier is the sales manager and he has decided to offer me the black glossy new bike at the same price as the denim red… sold says I, give me a pen and tell me where to sign. They are offering the same as Warrs in part ex for my V-Rod so I decide to go ahead and all is done and dusted there and then. I can come back on Wednesday to drop the rod and pick up the new Bob so I will take it to Germany with me on Thursday.

The next day, me and a couple of the girls from the club took a round trip down to Stonehenge and back, we really had a great ride and as we were all on fast bikes made the most of them. It was a great farewell to the rod, we had a real blast. On the way we stopped at Oxford HD, well we were passing by just 2 miles away so, as I was leading, we pulled in of course. Pumper took some photos of me on the new bike…

So today I went to Oxford to pick up the new bike. I did feel a bit sad to be saying goodbye to the V-Rod, it’s a great bike and I would buy another one in a heartbeat, I guess this one was just jinxed so it had to go, but am very much looking forward to my adventures on the Bob, I’ve got new exhaust mufflers, a screamin’ beagle air intake and a Vance and Hines Fuelpak 3 coming to soup it up a bit and make it louder, but they won’t be here in time to do it for tomorrow. I also have a luggage rack etc. arriving today I hope, otherwise I will have to take a rucksack on my back.. eek!

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