Day 1 – We're Off….

So today is the day.. am just preparing to leave on my way to the ferry then over to France.  I will try to maintain the blog/vlog everyday, but if I am riding for long stretches I might be too tired.  Sorry

Watch this space for more adventures.

Arrived in Portsmouth about 5pm, so not bad going and no rain… yet.

After carefully packing, unpacking and cutting it down to a minimum, for me that is, I forgot  to pack a bracket thing for attaching the gopro to the  bike… humph.  So  decided to try and find somewhere to  buy one, but no such luck.

Arrived at the ferry at 7ish and got on quickly, but a wee frenchman couldn’t make up his mind which way round he wanted me to park… round and round.

Got sorted eventually so unpacked my overnight stuff and went to find my cabin.  In the cabin I suddenly thought I’d left  my  passport on the bike, in full view, so hurried back  down  to the vehicle deck…. no passport eek!!! Looked all over the bike, but nothing.  Back to the cabin to check again… nothing.  Went to the information desk to report it, but no passport  handed in… now I’m panicking.  Back down to the bike to check again… still nothing.  Back to cabin  and pulled everything out… there it is, hiding in the spare glove bag… grr but very relieved… phew!

Just had a small bottle of wine, only 250cl but because I hardly ever drink, am feeling a bit tipsy… hic!

Off to bed now… bonjour St Malo in the morning…. nite nite.

Couldn’t upload the video on the boat last night, the wifi wasn’t up to it…

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5 thoughts on “Day 1 – We're Off….

  1. Good evening, You look fabulous! I was going to say something cheeky such as who's the skinny chic with long hair translating your blog, but then I thought better of it. How very exciting to be speeding off to Spain. How long is your trip? Do you have places booked or will you play it by ear? Safe trip across to France and let us know you've landed safely x

  2. That's odd I was replying but it disappeared… Like me…. 😉
    Have booked a hotel in La Rochelle tomorrow night and four nights in Cadiz but otherwise am winging it. Boat is very smooth so expect to arrive safe in St Malo tomorrow morning. Take care xx

  3. Mine disappeared too.. hm.
    Right..umm..oh yes.
    Enjoy the sunshine and fresh air!! Looking forward to reading in english and maybe bel, your stories. Keep a hold of your passport! :0) x

  4. Mine disappeared too! Pattern here…? Anyway I basically said be careful dont put your things in safe places, I never remember where my safe place is. Safe travels Pad xx

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