Day 3 – Doing a Bonnie Tyler… again

Got up early intending to get on the road quickly…. HA!  By the time I’d had breakfast, cleaned the wildlife off the front of my bike, tried to get my phone, iPad and camera batteries charged up it was 11 o’clock.  The satnav is still playing up so having to navigate by map and road signs… I’ve got 3 different navigation apps on my phone and they all need wifi….. Just sooooo frustrated and it’s bloody raining….. Triple grrrrrr

As it was so late had to miss visiting La Rochelle and the Ille de Rei as planned and get straight on to the motorway. I even went on a toll road to try and make up some time.  Next overnight stop is a place called Condom… Yep…. just because of the name.

On the way I stopped on the motorway for lunch and petrol. The service cafe was a bit confusing, self service salads, cold meats, chips, vegetables and deserts, but no plates.  There were small plates for the salads etc. but I wanted a portion of chips and couldn’t find a plate.  In the end I asked what to do and it seems you pick your salad, desert, coffee etc., go to the pay desk and then order your hot meal and pay, they give you a ticket which you then take to the hot food counter and they prepare it for you… Bit long winded really.

Back on the road and at least the rain has stopped.  Down as far as Bordeaux, must be time for a bit of HD shopping.  Had a look at the helmets but none of the ones I liked were my size.  I realise now that my helmet is too big, that’s why I am having a problem…. My head has shrunk!  Still, picked up a couple of bits.

Keep trying the satnav to check if it is now working, but still playing up.  Trying to avoid another toll… The last one was €14.  I decide to follow the compass in the satnav to head SE towards Condom.  For a while I’m following the Bordeaux Vin route….. More Chateau than you can shake a stick at, it really is very picturesque.  I did take some video while I was riding, but I cannot get it to upload onto my iPad… Will keep trying.  Suddenly, in trying to avoid the A62 toll road, I am heading towards Pau, which is the wrong part of the Pyrenees, so I take a left turn and.. lol and behold, I’m lost – in France as Bonnie would say.  Next thing I’m in the forest surrounded by trees… obviously… and all I can think about is some bloody deer jumping out and crashing into me.  I’ve got to get out of here.  At last I find my way back to civilisation… phew!

Its getting late now, after I promised myself I would have a short day… and Im still 40 miles from Condom so decide to try and find a hotel… no such luck, it seems this is a very popular holiday area. so eventually I get a hotel booked via my fav app – – in…. Condom.

Finally arrive at the hotel at 8.20

its lovely.  now to find somehere to eat.  There’s a restaurant next door but the menu is fixed price either 45 or 60 euros… no way, especially as I only eat a small amount.  So decide to see what I can find.  Walked all around and whilst it is a lovely town

It’s as dead as a dodo….nothing… It must be the only place in the world that doesn’t have a maccy d’s, chinese/indian or kebab takeaway… I cant even find a tabac!!! There’s one petrol station and that’s closed.  I give up. I did find an estate agent, so if you want a chateau in the country and lots of peace and quiet, here’s your chance…

Only 450,000 euros
So goodnight Condom and all….

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