Day 11 – Where be them Hoggies?

Arrived at the site about 10am… A bit late really so was expecting a ginormous queue for the wrist bands and rally packs.  That’s odd… There’s not very many bikes here… Usually there are several hundred the first day, if not more… Where is everyone???

The queue is short so am swiftly through the process and have my wristband; now to get my rally pack… No queue at all… This is weird!
Have a wander down to the market place… Dead… 

Into a tent where they will stitch on your rally patch, just €5, well she said 5 and he, (the guy doing the sewing), says 7… A short interaction in French ensues, (they are from France and at every rally), so am not sure how much it will be.  While I’m waiting I pick up a keyring that hooks onto your pocket… Niiiiice.   In the end the sewing costs €5 so obviously she won the altercation.  Look around the rest of the stalls… Not as many as usual, but they all sell the same tut anyway… Millions of tee shirts, waistcoats, jeans, gloves, leather bags etc etc. mostly black; since losing the weight am trying to introduce colour into my wardrobe, nothing here for me really.
Think I’ll get something to drink and maybe some lunch… There is a terrace at the hotel reserved for HOG members, (that’s Harley Owners Group btw), and I make my way there.  It is absolutely empty, not a soul… This is spooky… They have a buffet so I have a look in, it’s €30, which is a bit pricey but seems very nice and includes a barbecue and 2 drinks.  The terrace is in the shade and I think it’s a good place to plot up for a while, so hang the expense, I’ll treat myself.
I’m the only customer, then about half an hour later a group of Italians appear and shortly after a group of 4 event staff… That’s it!  The food and service is impeccable, but what a waste…. They must be fuming.
I spend about 2 hours there, very relaxing.  Time to make a move.  Wander down to the market area again, still don’t buy anything.  Usually the stalls are cheaper than the shops, so I have a look in HD Cadiz’ tent; nope same price as the shop, they do have some old rally tees for sale at €15 a pop, but who wants a tee from a rally you haven’t been to?
Still very few people here so decide to make my way back to the hotel… Get lost again, this is getting old.
Have to admit am feeling down today, there’s zero atmosphere at the rally and am left wondering why I’m here.  Yes I love the riding and visiting different countries, but the rally is just an excuse, a destination so why oh why am I staying here for 4 days???  If it wasn’t for having to eat and find accommodation I wouldn’t speak to anyone, so am feeling a bit lonely. (Except Glo if course, we speak everyday on facetime, which is really great… The wonders of modern technology).  I don’t know if I can even be bothered to enter the bike into the custom show tomorrow…. See how I feel in the morning.
Nite nite 🙁

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