Day 14 – Gibraltar.. home from home

Just 5 miles to go across the border from Spain into Gibraltar and on to my apartment.  Take my time this morning… well I do have all day.  Decide to clean the chalky water splash marks off the bike before I go so end up leaving about 12.30ish.

It’s another glorious day and before I know it am parking up outside the apartment building.  I’ve forgotten to bring the keys to the apartment, but luckily Jill and John, who look after it for us, have the spare set… whew!

So what’s the verdict?

A great ride… shame about the weather the first week… pretty wet… think it is the wettest tour I have had so far.

So here is the usual breakdown:

Countries Visited

England x 1
France x 1
Andorra x 1
Spain x 1
Gibraltar x 1

Total distance travelled – 2170.5 miles


Ferry – £144 (one way) including cabin

Accommodation – £426.39  average £35.53 per night

Food – £178.67 average £13.74 per day an odd coffee I didn’t get a receipt for so really £15 per day

Fuel – £228.41 average £16.32

Toll Roads – £26.80

Shopping – myob still

Best ride
France – from Condom to Massat.. lots of twistys on the way, shame I didn’t put the camera on.

Worst ride
Spain – back route from Torrevieja to Murcia

Best HD Dealership
All were good, except…

Worst HD Dealership
Cadiz… sooooo expensive with Granada a close second

Best Hotel
Tactica by C&R, Valencia, Spain of course… I mean a €98 room for €36 what do you expect?

Worst Hotel
Eden Mar, Guardamar del Segura, Spain – Ugh!

Favourite Country Visited
Gibraltar, but I’m biased

Least Favourite Country Visited
Andorra, but mainly because of the weather, not being able to find the hotel and standing in dog shit

What I Would Do Again
Still travel on Brittany ferries… so good.
Ride in France

What I Wouldn’t Do Again
If I go to another HOG European rally I won’t stay for such a long time… although it turned out great in the end, so mmmm have to think about this one.

What to Remember for the Next Trip
Update the Garmin Maps
Bracket for the GoPro mount
Check toolkit is complete
Switch the bloody GoPro on for the good bits

I understand lots of people had a problem leaving comments, including my partner, its seems Blogger, as part of Google, requires an account to leave comments… if you wanted to leave a comment and couldn’t please do send it to me by email and I will upload it.  Will look into moving the blog elsewhere next time.

See ya!

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  1. Great photos! What a fabulous adventure. Sorry I haven't logged in but my iMac is poorly and working from my iPad. Look forward to seeing you soon x

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