A very pleasant day… mmm

By the time I have got myself sorted out, shower, brekkie etc. am finally on the road by 10am.

It’s not so hot today, only 80F and much more pleasant to ride in.  Am hoping to cover 300 miles today, 100 mile chunks at a time so I top up the petrol before I leave.

Am heading north so the weather is going to change.  Accuweather is saying thunderstorms in Santander mmm deep joy… but for the moment it is sunny and clear blue skies, lovely.


I pull off after 103 miles and ride into a small town called Calamonte to search for a cafe.  After riding around for about 10 minutes I find the town square and somewhere to park. There are a couple of cafes in the square so I pick one and go in for a cafe con leche and boccadillo, all very nice


Phone home for a chat and then back on the road, ever northwards.  It is now getting a little bit cooler so put my denim jacket on.. that’s better.


After the next 100 or so miles I stop again for another coffee and a plate of chips; they are very salty but I guess that is good since I lost a lot of salt yesterday.  Another chat with home and then back onto the bike.


As you can see am now heading up into the mountains and the sky is not so clear blue up ahead…. boo hoo!  Hope I’m not riding into any storms. I change my denim for the leather jacket and my warmer gloves.


Final 100 miles and it has dropped to 60F so I’m glad I put on the warmer gear. I pull off the autovia and on to the N620 to look for somewhere to stay.  I stop off in Alaejos to look for a hostel, but can’t find anything.  I try ever faithful booking.com but I don’t have internet so can’t use it…. damn!


Back on the road and look for the next biggish town; I soon come across Tordesillas and it is the most fabulous looking place and is apparently a big tourist destination.

I stop and try booking.com again but no luck.  I’ll have to buy a data package and as soon as I have done that am able to find somewhere to stay. The Hostal San Antolin is just a short ride away and gets very good reviews so I book a room straightaway.  It’s just €25 for a single room with private bath and wifi…fabby.

I decided to carry on for a while past the 100 miles and in fact have covered 330 miles today by the time I get to the hotel.
I arrive to find it is absolutely excellent, the room is actually a twin, so a very good size and the bathroom is a good size too, well pleased… and it’s room 103 so there we go, 13 again!!




Down to the bar for a couple of coffees and some very delicious mini doughnuts… yummy.


Will have some dinner and then another early night methinks, ready for the final leg tomorrow.


Just 170 miles to go tomorrow.  I might detour to Bilbao as I missed going to the Harley shop there a couple of years ago on my way back from Cascais, Portugal; well I have been a very good girl this trip and reckon I’m allowed a little bit of extravagance.





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