Day 18 – Ohhhhhh Oklahoma

I actually manage to get on the road before lunchtime today… at last!!

Oklahoma is real cowboy country… it feels like proper america, if you know what I mean.

I pass through..


and into Stroud, (not Gloucestershire).  Again I am struck by the native american information that I come across on route..



I spot the Rock Cafe and decide to stop for lunch..

The most delicious cheese toastie with hand made, skin on, chips… yummy!

I then pass Davenport and Chandler


and soon arrive in Arcadia at another famous stop on the old 66… Pops!

Obviously THE place to go for a ride out on a Sunday afternoon.  There are 100s of different flavours of pop… I get a t-shirt for my grand-daughter; oh and me of course!

I also meet several people, but especially Debbie and her hubby Robert, who were so friendly and really very nice people.  Both bikers and live locally in Oklahoma, we chatted for a good long while, it was really great to spend some time with them.  Debbie took a photo of me and my bike for her facebook page, (can you friend me please?).

Debbie and Robert
and here’s the photo Deb took of me… thanks x


All too soon it was time to make a move… on to Yukon, but not before visiting the local Harley dealers in Edmond, Oklahoma City… bugger it’s shut!

So I have a look at maybe going to one of the other dealers, but they are all shut.. it’s Sunday of course and in the middle of the Bible belt so what did I expect?

I now get lost a couple of times trying to bypass Oklahoma City… but eventually arrive in Yukon.

and on to El Reno

and Calumet

who both seem to have two of the beloved water towers.

I get lost again at Hinton and am pointed in the right direction by a guy telling me cross the yellow bridge and keep going straight, it’ll want you to go on to the i40 (interstate), but just carry straight on.

It seems ages before I come to the yellow bridge, but before that I see I am in another native american area.


At last here is the yellow bridge… and what a bridge it is!!


It is starting to get late again now… the road ahead is clear but as I am heading due west the sun is really getting into my eyes.


It carries on like this for many miles, then suddenly starts crossing back and forth over the interstate.  At one crossing I find this..

So I have to stop.. of course.

They have bison!!

Mummy and baby… just seconds after this, baby decides to do a poo… I’m glad I got the shot in first.


Just a few short miles and I am in Clinton… I check out and find a room in a Super 8.  It is good, no problem, but again am exhausted.. have ridden until 9.30pm, this is not good, I need to get up and out by 9 and finish riding at 6 so I set my alarm for 7am.


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3 thoughts on “Day 18 – Ohhhhhh Oklahoma

  1. Hey Pogs, We’re really enjoying your blogs and it’s sparking memories for John who lived in the States and Canada for about 20 years. A series of disasters doesn’t seem to phase you, which in the circumstances is just as well. Life here goes on much the same. My garden is slowly slipping down the incline with loose sand steadily creeping down from under the building/road. I have sent a reminder to ABCO but haven’t had a response yet. I expect they’ll wait until the whole thing, including the road, collapses before they make a move. Two friends who crossed the Atlantic with us are coming over on Thursday, but since Canadians like to eat at 5 we’re having tappas and not a full up dinner. It’s way too hot for that. It’s cooler this morning so I’m now going outside to clean the windows which are covered in salt and fine sand and it might be quite nice to be able to see through them! David has gone off with the frau to Germany again – good luck with that. so life goes on much the same…… Love J&J Sent from my iPad


  2. Pogs, we couldn’t see the picture of us could you post it on Facebook would appreciate it. It was great meeting you, hope you have a safe and great trip!

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