Day 47 – Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay

I have a bit of a lie in this morning… gosh it seems a very long time since I did that.. well intentionally that is.

Once up I do exactly as I said I would… nothing.  I take the laptop out to the dock and sit in the shade, trying to catch up the blog.  The problem is I keep being interupted  by the wild life… there’s a shark in the bay and I spend a lot of time looking for it to take a photo, but it’s way to fast for me… every time I see a splash it’s gone before I can get the snap.  Then a couple of Tarpin turn up… they are large fish with black fins and they are feeing on the sardines… awww


They are also too quick for a photo… they’re all camera shy obviously!

Myrtle turtle turns up again looking for breakfast and the guys are all at their post

I must say I just love the Pelicans, they are literally a few feet away from me or over in the trees on the small island.

Every so often one of the them takes off and suddenly dives into the water to grab a snack.

the Comorants stay out near the small islands on some rocks


or a white pole… but the White Cranes come over for a look around and strut up and down the dock side.

I am on my own and really enjoy the peace and quiet.. it’s lovely to just sit and chill

At lunch time I go for a quick ride to grab something to eat…  boat anyone…


Back at the motel I have a dip in the pool… I have it all to myself..

as long as I don’t pee in it


A boat comes into dock…  if you watch closely you will see one of the Tarpin surface briefly.. so I get a photo at last.

But very sadly no Manatee…. I hope I will see one tomorrow before I leave.

Towards evening some of the other guests come onto the dock area… there is a table for preparing fresh fish and 2 or 3 gas barbies so you can cook what you’ve caught.. I am envious, it’s times like these when I so wish I liked fish!

I get myself a microwave meal and have it in my room.. an early night methinks, except I watch some TV for a change.  I am trying to upload the videos.. they take forever.


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