Day 55 -What a State!

Ok so today I am going to Atlantic City via the ferry from Lewes in Delaware across Delaware Bay to Cape May just on the state line of New Jersey.

I am in Virginia at the moment so will also cross Maryland into Delaware, making it a 4 State trip.

Delaware has a partial law regarding helmet use, only those under the age of 17 have to wear one I believe, or it might be 21 years, but I am well past that as you know so it will be my last opportunity to ride without a helmet.  Mind you, having looked at the weather I don’t suppose I will bother, it looks like rain.. in any event it is very grey.

Before I leave I book my flight home on Saturday arriving at Heathrow on Sunday morning.  The plan is to drop the bike early Thursday morning and then make my way to the Irish Embassy in DC and sort out my travel authorisation in lieu of my passport.

On the way I pass through another fantastically named town…


I assume all these are from native american languages.

I come to another town called Exmore



and spot a sign for a diner so stop for breakfast.

I wanted to ask about the swelling toads but before I can another customer does and apparently they are blowfish.  So the group, Hootie and the Blowfish made the right choice of name as Hootie and the Swelling Toads doesn’t really have the same ring to it does it.

There is something occurring outside and again one of the other customers asks what is going on.  The woman who asked about the Toads explains that her daughter is roller blading from Florida to Boston to raise funds for a head injury charity.  Her husband was severely head injured in a motorcycle accident 7 years ago.


Back on the road again and as you can see it’s a filthy day and it does rain from time to time, but not really very much and I have already covered everything and myself up so all good.

All too soon I am in Maryland


so its Vaya Con Dios Virginia and Mornin’ MuscleMaryland..

At Pocomoke I turn on to the 113 that will take me all the way to Lewes


I am starting to feel tired and for some unknown reason I decide to turn off the main road into a town called Berlin…

It’s really lovely, in fact it’s quite twee, but in a very nice – all american – way.  I spotted this wee missive in one of ye olde shoppe windows:



I find a small independent coffee shop and have a coffee with a slice of apple cake.. the cake is far too sweet for me so I leave most of it, but the coffee is great.  They have wifi so I think I had better check on the ferry sailings and when I do I see I can book a ticket.  The ferry I aim to catch is at 4.15, in 2 hours time.

I cross over the state line again into Delaware.  It seems they are not very friendly in Delaware as there was no welcome sign, but still it’s Miss you already Maryland and Duh! wheres the sign Delaware?

I pass Dagsboro and Millboro on the way to Georgetown where I turn onto the 9 all the way to the ferry.

Time is getting very short and I am worried I will miss the ferry.  I arrive at the docks at 4.20 and ask if I’m too late.  The woman says no we should get you on ok.  She checks my reservation and then I am straight on to the boat.

It’s an 85 minute crossing and there is a cafe and some comfortable seating so I settle down and relax.

No sooner am I off the boat than it’s Dats all folks Delaware, Now then New Jersey..


Straight on to the Garden State Parkway… a toll road… $1.50 at the first toll point.  I don’t have any change and give a $20 note. The young chap almost throws the change money at me.. I do get the distinct impression that people aren’t quite so friendly in these eastern states.

The road then turns right towards Atlantic City and there is another toll, but this is only 95c so both very cheap really.

I ride all the way to the seafront.. this is where the famous broadwalk is situated.  So I have arrived in AC.. I need to find somewhere to stay and trusty old comes up trumps with a hotel just around the corner.  I’m going to take a walk on the broadwalk tomorrow morning before I leave.

I park up outside the hotel.. AC is a bit like Vegas, there are loads of casinos here.  Anyway I go in and sort out my key.  When I come back out to the bike there is a large black man standing over the bike, he turns and looks at me.. staring.. I’m a bit scared so I turn back into the hotel.  As I’m watching him he gets closer to the bike and appears to be rubbing himself… ugh disgusting.  I say something to the guy on the reception desk and he goes out to the man and tells him to get lost.  The man moves off a little way and the reception guy threatens him with the police if he won’t go away.  He does disappear eventually, but it’s a bit unsettling for me and the first time I have really felt unsafe.

The reception man tells me to leave the bike at the front where he can see it so I’m really grateful for that.  I make sure I lock it up.  The receptionist says he thinks the man was drunk, but that I’m not to worry as the area is pretty safe; well as safe as any other city I suppose.

Kearny New Jersey is less than 120 miles away, so I am going to drop the bike tomorrow, a day early.  This evening I sort out my belongings into things to go home with me and things to stay with the bike.  I also book a Greyhound bus from Newark to Washington for late tomorrow afternoon and accommodation in DC via AirBnB as I am going to be there for 3 days.  This time I am definitely going to the Native American Museum and also look into any other tours I might be interested in, but all that AFTER I have sorted out my travel document.




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