Day 12 – And relax

28th June 2018

Yesterday, at some point, I crossed over the state line, so it’s Ciao to California and Nice to see ya Nevada.

Here I am in the lovely Carson City.. it is just so cute.  I wake up at 10, late for me, but I feel great.  My hands are still a bit painful and numb, but I hope that will subside through the day as I won’t be doing any riding.  The numbness is pretty permanent and has been for a number of years, one of the joys of motorcycle riding, no matter the bike the vibration gets to you eventually so numbness is a by product of biking I’m sorry to say.

I make myself some coffee and a bowl of cereal and I’m set for the day.  Quick call to Glo, yep she says she thinks it was Bonanza too… will find out.

I’m soon out into the beautiful sunshine.  Carson City is just lovely, and quiet… unbelievable in a capitol.  The pavements are pristine and everything is just so nice.  I love it here.

I take a walk down to the tourist office to pick up some information leaflets and then make my way to a coffee shop to look though them and catch up my blog.  I find a nice coffee shop and partake of a Gibraltar… what’s a Gibraltar coffee I enquire, the barista tells me that it is like a Cortado but they have named it a Gibraltar. That’s funny, says I, I actually live in Gibraltar part time and have never heard of it, but I think it might be a Manchau which is a very popular coffee in Gibraltar, like a Cortado but with more milk.  He is very interested and asks me where Gibraltar is… ok… its the pointy bit at the end of Spain, the straits of Gibraltar are the entrance to the Mediterranean Sea.  He asks if it is nice there… crowded I say but yes.  I order one to see what its like.  It’s actually what I would expect to get in Gibraltar and Southern Spain as a Cortado, the Manchau is much milkier, but still it is in a glass, which is the traditional method.

After a time I decide to sit out in the sunshine so move outside, while I am there Nathan the barista shows me a game they have set up.  Get the ring on to the hook.  Before I leave I decide to give it a go, nope I’m crap, but I like it so much I take some photos and plan to set it up in our garden at home for when we have visitors.. it’s very addictive.


And here is the man himself… a great chap, enjoyed talking to him

Nathan the Barista

I then have a good look around the City and here are lots of photos, I hope they show how lovely this place is.

After that I have a sit in the park next to the quaint capitol building and do some drawing, it’s great just to sit and chill in the shade of the trees in this lovely park.






Memorial to the USS Nevada, sunk at Pearl Harbour

I need the loo so make my way across the street to the Comma Coffee shop,


it is very quirky inside.. I like it… and have a cold drink.

I am very happy to sit here soaking up the atmosphere and catching up my blog.  I stay until dinner time and order a pizza, it is very good.  The back room has been reserved from 6pm for a private meeting – the Gay Christian Fellowship, oh wow I love it here!!! (I’m not actually a christian but no matter, the fact that they are openly meeting in the current Trump bonkers climate is just fantastic to me).

About as bonkers as the decor in the loo…

and methinks someone has something of a shoe fetish…


I return to my hotel and set about sorting out the hand grips on my bike.. I also fit a bottle/cup carrier as I’m worried about losing my metal water bottle from the mesh pocket on the saddlebag. After that I rearrange all my packing, it is definitely a lot better and I am able to close the bag properly. I find my sewing set and make a repair to the saddle bag zip that has busted… make a rather good job of it even if I do say so myself.

I have looked at the blurb and I am definitely going to Virginia City tomorrow.. they have an old west steam train tour so I’m going to go on that; really looking forward to it.

A lazy day in great surroundings.. I could live here!

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  1. Looks amazing Pogs! But I have to say… in a glass?! What happened to the mugs that you demand in the UK…? 😄 Fab about the Gay Christian group! 😃🌈

    1. That, my dear AnneMarie, is because I am secretly rather sophisticated… NOT!!!

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