Day 15 – We’re on a Road to Nowhere..

1st July 2018

Here we are again, up and at em…. continuing on highway 50 then turning down to head south on the 257 and 130 to St George avoiding the interstate like the plague as usual.
The road is arrow straight with just the occasional bend and very quiet, so what’s new! Nothings new, the wind is still there, not so bad today. I also am taking time to rest my hands again.

Here is some footage of the ride – it’s a bit wobbly, the phone is attached to the bike, the bike vibrates ergo wobble…

The road is very long and the wind has picked up quite a bit… again, sigh!
It is getting very hot… 100 degrees on the bike, that’s while it’s moving so stationary it must be higher.

I thought this looks like an interesting place to stop…

actually the only really interesting thing about it is this signage as you enter and leave. They do, however have a cute church and my favourite… a water tower yay!

And this enormous stingy thing that is trying to hi-jack my bike…

I definitely don’t want to be splatting one of these with my forehead… mega-ouch!

I am running low on fuel so pull in at the next opportunity…. I see this stuck on the petrol pump

Oh good, I’ve bought some Navajo fuel 👏🏻👏🏻

As I’m riding along I see signposts for various sites, monuments, places of interest, but as much as I would love to have a look, I can’t because they are all dirt/gravel roads. My previous experiences with these roads, plus dropping the bike once already, puts me off trying to visit. Here’s an example

This place where I have stopped for a rest is actually rather pretty

This isn’t though… really the worst threat to the planet at the moment is plastic!

Choking our seas and oceans and despoiling beautiful wildernesses such as this.. people are such selfish morons.

The road continues on unerringly

After about 50 miles or so, the gps directs me to take a right turn and I am confronted with this warning sign…

Oh… what does this mean… am I ok to continue on this road? A couple of pick up trucks come down towards me and neither of them say, Stop! Turn around… ok I think a I’ll continue. The road winds upwards and then, there it is

And as I turn the next bend it is obvious there has been a major fire here
Blackened shrubs and trees, black earth and huge swathes of red scorched areas, you can even see where it has jumped the road leaving a wide band of red on the tarmac.

Continuing ever onwards and I start to notice something….


Which way do you think I’m heading?


Yep… bloody typical… I hope its not going to pour with rain… hot as it is I don’t want to have to break out the romper suit.

After a time as I near the ‘cloud’ I see that it isn’t cloud at all, it’s smoke, the mountain is on fire!!

Gosh, that’s terrible, I hope no one is living in that area.

It’s not long after this I come to a place called Minersville and stop for a break. The temperature is now over 100 degrees, it is absolutely baking hot. The air as I ride along is scorching, I mean I like it hot but this is just ri-di-culous. I am truly exhausted, battling the winds and drowsiness from the heat, I feel like I could lie down and go to sleep. I get myself a sandwich and a drink… I can’t open the bottle of water… my hands… so I have to go into the shop and ask the guy to do it, bit humiliating really.

Then it’s back on the road towards Cedar City. The gps wants to continue routing off the interstate, but it’s saying another 70 miles to St George, via the interstate it’s more like 40 so I redirect to the i15, I just want to get there…. please…

I’m beginning to think there is something wrong with me, because as soon as I join the interstate the bloody wind is even stronger than crossing the Great Basin… this is absolutely the worst wind I have ever experienced. I am riding practically sideways, (well that’s how it feels), leaning into the wind. The bike is all over the place, I’m definitely beginning to think that me and my luggage are creating our own vortex or something…

Ah ha! Guess the name of the next town…… Hurricane!! I wonder why??

At last I arrive at the Dixie Palm Motel in St George. It is run by a very nice woman and the room is good. I get a quick shower and pop out for supplies. A bit of blogging and then to bed. I’ve decided to miss out Monument Valley, frankly I’ve had more than enough rocks, mountains and desert for the moment at least.

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