Day 24 – Makin’ Friends…

10th July 2018

The plan today is to head for Lubbock… it looks to be a big city on the map so that’s why I have chosen it. First stop thought is Fort Sumner… I can remember all the old westerns, (my dad was a big John Wayne fan… I quite liked him too until I found out he used to knock his wife about, bastard… he probably had an inferiority complex cos his real name was Marion), and Fort Sumner is a name that sticks in my mind… it’s on the way anyway so I plan to stop for a looksee.

Before too long I arrive in the town of Fort Sumner, the historical site is a couple of miles down the road. I take the opportunity to stop to fill up and get a much needed drink, it’s very hot again today, 100 plus. As I exit the shop another Harley pulls in and parks next to me. A guy and I presume his wife get off and he starts talking to me.

This is Tim and Patsy, and a lovely couple they are too..

They’re from Indianapolis, but do loads of touring which they record on their Facebook page. Tim gives me their card, so naturally I give him mine.. he asks for a photo of me with my bike, showing the Irish flag for their page.. I am very happy to oblige of course.

We chat for a while and promise to keep in touch, Tim says he will friend me on Facebook so I can follow their page, fab.

I make my way to the historical site by way of Billy the Kids’ grave. There is a shop and museum but they’re closed, the graveyard is open though so I go in.

So where our Bill?

Ahhh there he is, he’s the one on the right.

I get back on the bike and ride the additional 1/4 mile to the actual Fort Sumner… it’s shut!!! Not open on Tuesdays… just my luck… as usual, sigh!

It’s getting hotter so I’m not wearing a helmet… sorry I need to mention the wind… yep it’s bad again so I take my flat cap off and put it inside my waistcoat as it feels like it’s going to blow off and I don’t want to lose it…. famous last words.

Ok back on the road to Lubbock. This is the high plains, miles and miles of farm land… remember the dust devils the other day, well a dust tornado about 10-12 feet wide crosses the road in front of me, a huge funnel of red dust… I slow right down to avoid going through it. Bloody hell, I wish I’d had my GoPro on.. damn. I spend the next half an hour or so with the camera on, just in case, but no luck.

Guess what I found about 80 miles from my destination…

Well I better go in.. it would be rude not too.

I get off the bike and seek to retrieve my cap… it’s gone… FFS!!! The wind whipped it out of the waistcoat and I didn’t even notice… grrrrrrrrrrrrr

I feel well fed up, but am cheered up as I enter the shop…

Oh dear, Clint’s looking a wee bit knackered or maybe it’s the glue he’s been sniffing… what happened to the cigarillo habit C?

I have a quick look around… check if they have got another cap the same as the one I just lost… nope ☹️

I pick up a poker chip… oh yes here’s a pic I took the other day..

I’ve stopped collecting stickers, there’s nowhere to put them now the old bags have gone so have switched to what’s called dip dots, the little round metal dealer discs. Some shops have them, some don’t so it’s a bit hit and miss.

Back on the bike and I’m suddenly in Texas… no notice saying farewell from New Mexico and no welcome to Texas… very strange…

I look back and see this for those entering New Mexico…

I turn back and find this…

Then about a half a mile down the road there’s this,

And another half a mile later….

At last! So, so long New Mexico, it’s been grand… Yeehaw Texas!

As I say it’s all farm land…. can’t you tell…

Where else would you see a tractor showroom this size?

I pass through some wonderfully named towns including

I missed the one in Shallowater, which is just before I enter Lubbock, shame…

I arrive in Lubbock, find a Starbucks and check out the accommodation. Ok am all booked in so finish my coffee and then I’m off. Will have a nice shower and something to eat.

I can’t be bothered to ride and find something decent so the nearest thing I don’t mind is KFC, just 1.2 miles away. I jump on the bike, it always feels great in the evenings when all the luggage has been taken off.. so light! The KFC might be 1.2 miles, but it’s all one way carriageway so I get a bit lost. Eventually I find it, but take the wrong driveway and end up next door at the Wienerschnitzel… another fast food outlet I’ve never heard of. This is hot dogs, oh well it’ll do, I’m not that fussed tbh.

There is some confusion on my part, I ask for a Junkyard dog, it comes with Chile, (they spell it like the country here rather than our way Chilli), and fries. I order it without mustard. It only takes a couple of minutes and he hands me the dog wrapped up. ‘And the fries’? ‘Oh you only ordered the hot dog, if you want fries you need to order a combo’, ‘but, it says fries on the menu’ he just looks completely puzzled, I think it’s my accent.. ‘the menu is very confusing… can I have some fries then please’? He takes the money for the fries, I really don’t get it, but am way too tired to argue. I sit down, unwrap the dog and there are fries in it with a teaspoonful of chile… two bites and it’s in the bin… seriously yuck!

I just want to go to bed… zzzzzzzz

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