Day 26 – Short… not Sweet

12th July 2018

Today was pretty quiet.. I was heading for Texarkana on the Texas/Arkansas border but I only rode about 160 miles.

Early on I did see a sign that said ‘Worlds Largest Bowie Knife’, and I thought well why not. It was off route in a town called, unsurprisingly, Bowie.

As it was only going to be a 20 mile detour I thought I could do with a stop there anyway because of course the dreaded wind and on top it is now incredibly hot.

As I ride in to town the first curiosity I come across is this…

Metal cows and cowboys… mmm what’s that about?

So I stopped for a look… ah the ChisholmTrail, they used to trail the cattle north to Kansas from Texas via this route and apparently it went through here.

But where’s the bloody knife, I was expecting to see it before I got to the town, but it’s nowhere to be seen and there’s no further poster or signposts at all. Next to this monument is a petrol station so I fill up. As I’m leaving I see a road going further into town so decide to take a look….

Ahhhh there it is…

Looks enormous in this photo doesn’t it….. but

It’s actually not that big… bit underwhelmed to be honest… there’s no information at all just this,

Oh well… a minor diversion there.

Am soon back on the road and pass through a couple of places…

Nothing very exciting to report… on one of my stops I see this little chap…

Again a very fast mover, only just managed to catch a photo… he gets across the road safely. It does make me think it must be hard on the old paws having to scurry about in this heat, no wonder they move like shit off a shovel.

I have also seen an increase in the number of large birds enjoying the thermals. I did get some film but, can’t upload any video at the moment because I DON’T HAVE A BLOODY LAPTOP.

As I’m approaching Sherman I am dropping asleep, the heat and exhaustion are getting to me so I decide to stop early and try to get some sleep.

I should be crossing the state line into Arkansas tomorrow, it is reckoned to be one of the most beautiful states, so I’m looking forward to more greenery.

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