Day 28 – Getting Bugged…

14th July 2018

As planned I get my washing done and the bike is sparkling…. and I’m back on the road by 11.30am so pretty pleased with myself. The plan is to ride all the way to Memphis via Little Rock.

There’s a Harley stealership so I need to collect my poker chip there

Then back on the road to Memphis. On the way…

I am then routed upwards into some lovely twisty roads, but there are ominous black clouds appearing and yep it’s starts to rain… it seems to rain every afternoon, but because it’s so hot it soon dries out. Normally it’s just one cloud that is dropping it’s load and I have been really lucky so far and have only caught a couple of minutes and then am dry again, but this time it really does throw it down and I am getting soaked so I stop to put on the rain gear… yep by the time I’ve got it on the rain has stopped! I knew I shouldn’t have washed the bike… haha

It’s still a bit overcast but no more rain. Suddenly I am riding alongside a swamp, I noticed the water through the trees and then saw trees growing in the water and as the road gets closer to the water it is clearly a swamp.

Quite a few towns have train engines on display and have preserved their rail heritage. I suppose the railways are what established these communities ‘out west’ and so they celebrate their importance.

Another important structure is the church or churches, every town has at least one and some have twofers…

I do wonder at the needle like steeples most of them have, regardless of denomination… Baptist, Presbyterian, Methodist, Pentecostal, etc., they all have these spikes… do you think their god is getting the point? I have passed through some small towns where the people are living in rundown, shanty style shacks right next door to a beautifully built house of worship that has obviously had a lot of money spent on it, doesn’t seem right to me.

The trail has now been conjoined with the civil war heritage trail.

and the sun is starting to set and I’ve still got quite a way to go..

Do you think these two have fallen out…?

And it’s still hot…

a random extra large water tower… no name though

and ahhh a twofer

I seem to have gotten off track a bit and am now north of the road into Memphis. I am very tired so decide to stop and after checking on find a hotel just due south of here.

at a truck stop at Shell Lake on the i40 interstate.

I am horrified to find that yet again I have been bitten by bed bugs, not as bad as in 2016, but still they are very itchy. I have two on my right foot, several on my left leg, two on my neck and one in my hair… grrrr. It could have been the Shamrock last night but maybe the one the night before as the bites can take a couple of days to appear, sigh!

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