USA Part Deux… the statistics

So the usual final roundup….

So what’s the verdict?

Another fantastic trip, but a wee bit too long.  Think I must be getting old.  I do love the USA though.. once again the people can’t be faulted, (not so sure about some New Yorkers tho’).

and here is the usual breakdown:

Countries Visited


Total distance travelled – 4698 miles


Flights – £ 517.32

Other travel – UBER £7.60 and $140; Trains NYC $28

Bike Shipping – Out £1620 – Back £906.40

Bike Insurance – £404.30 transit both ways, USA Accident etc. cover $602.90

Accommodation – Motels $1304  average $46 per night; AirBnB £535 average £49 per night

Food – Don’t know, didn’t keep track of it

Fuel – mostly paid cash… a full tank was around $10 so roughly $15 per day

Toll Roads – Crossing the Bay Bridge in San Francisco was $10, the golden gate bridge cost $8 per crossing into SF so $16 in total

Shopping – myob still

Best ride

Tail of the Dragon and Blue Ridge Parkway… would do both again and would love to finish the BRP next time

Worst ride

Memphis – probably the worst roads I have ever ridden; closely followed by Pennsylvania flash flooding

Best HD Dealership

All were good but hats off to San Francisco

Worst HD Dealership

None… see above

Best Hotel

They were all pretty much the same, some good, some great, some terrible, but that’s what I have come to expect of american motels… you get what you pay for mostly.

Worst Hotel

The Mother Road Hostel, Albuquerque… nasty but convenient and cheap, staff were great though.

Favourite Place Visited

Albuquerque, New Mexico closely followed by Carson City, Nevada and New York

Least Favourite Place Visited

Memphis wins again….. shame really

What I Would Do Again

Almost all of it

What I Wouldn’t Do Again

Utah…. too windy and islolated.  The scenery not to be missed though so glad I did it.

Sorry to say I will never ship my bike overseas again, it has been incredibly stressful and the paperwork or lack of it, guidance and support has been awful.  From sending my bike to LA by ‘accident’ to having to wait nearly 3 months for it to return to the UK plus constant emails to try and get some sort of update has been very disappointing.  I would, however, recommend Motofreight, I think they tried their best but were very badly let down by the US shipping company Schumachers… if I was to do it again I would deal direct with CFR Rinkens in the USA.

After another month I finally got my V5C returned with all the export paperwork… I had to remind them to return them to me… sigh!!

What to Remember for the Next Trip

Don’t lose my bloody laptop… so make sure everything is tied down before setting off!!!

Switch the bloody GoPro on for San Francisco Pride.

Don’t go for longer than 4 weeks max…

Take less stuff – again!!

P.S. I came home to a £1500 mobile phone bill from Orange/EE which must be the use of the Waze app for routing so no way am doing that again.  I queried it with Orange/EE and they did refund me the money as I should have had unlimited roaming so in the end it wasn’t an issue, but don’t think I’ll chance it in the future.


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