Foggy Mountain Dew

Day 9 – Seville to Gibraltar

17th March 2019

So last day… just another 150km into Gibraltar and my other home.

But first…..

I eventually got to sleep, but am up relatively early and make my way downstairs for some coffee etc.  Mmmm what’s all that noise… seriously!!!  There are literally hundreds of people, the whole bar is absolutely chocka block with Spaniards either eating breakfast or queuing to order some.  It’s absolutely manic.  I turn around and make my way back upstairs, no brekkie for me today.  I simply pack my bags and make my way back downstairs, struggle my way through the throngs and outside to find 4 coaches parked up… so that’s where they’ve all come from.  I remember now that Sunday is a really popular day for coach trips.

On top of that visibility is down to a few feet, yep, thick, thick fog… I can’t believe it, yesterday was absolutely perfect, brilliant sunshine and very warm.  Oh well, better get going I guess.

Before I leave I see this little bird sheltering from the fog…

I get on the bike and decide I will stop at the first opportunity to have a coffee at least and hopefully the fog will quickly dissipate when the sun starts to burn it off.  I also decide to live stream from my phone on the bike.. I have done this a few times, the video quality is really crap as the vibration from the bike just makes it jump all over the place, but it will still give everyone a good view of the fog.

I stop the film at the cafe, but again it is full of people from coach trips so I quickly get back on the road.  I eventually find a place, off the beaten track and at last can have a coffee.

Back on the road and passing Jerez.. I am thinking to myself ‘Welcome to Andulusia’ 364 days of beautiful sunshine and here I am on day 365.. hahaha

The road carries on towards Algeciras and suddenly I am in full sunshine again, hurrah.  Very soon I am on a familiar section of the A381 past Los Barrios, where we often go shopping, on to the A7 into La Linea De La Concepción… more shaky video

At last I am parking outside my apartment complex and the journey is done.  I am looking forward to seeing my friends here and enjoying at least a few hours with my feet up.  The bike is in desperate need of a proper wash and then I will store it in our garage in La Linea until we come over again.

To all the participants, organisers, supporters and promoters of the WRWR event around the world, thank you for all your hard work and dedication, it is a fantastic celebration of women riders, wherever they may be.  Putting aside the ups and downs of individual days and routes I have had a wonderful time, have met and ridden with marvellous, generous and friendly women who have welcomed me into their company with open arms.  There has never been one hint of homophobia and for that I am eternally grateful.

Thank you, Merci, Gracias, Obrigado – Ride on, Ride Safe Sistas x

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