Wildwest Saddle Anyone??

Friday 26th April 2019 – Day 2

I check out where I am in relation to Lille Harley Davidson, oh am way past it and as it would take at least an hour to get there and back to this point, it’s not really doable… mmm maybe I can drop in on the way home.

I make my way into breakfast, the usual fare is on offer, but I just have some coffee and a croissant then pack up my bags ready to go.  On my way back from loading up the bike a guy stops me and says I need to pay for breakfast, it wasn’t included with the room so I have to cough up €8, an expensive coffee really.

I wonder whether there will be a problem exiting the compound, but no worries the gate is wide open already so I am quickly on my way.

I must say I am enjoying this bike, it is comfortable and even the seat is ok, which is a miracle for Harley stock seats, they are usually very uncomfortable and one of the first things I change.. think I will keep this one though.  I actually don’t expect to change very much on this bike, I don’t have the money for one thing and I am pretty happy with the way it looks straight out of the box.  The exhaust is quiet though and as you know I am a firm believer in ‘Loud Pipes Save Lives’ that is why I have bought the S&S Grand National Slip On Cans that I will fit when I get home.

One thing I really don’t like, however, are the mirrors, I can hardly see anything except my sleeves, because the mirror arms are very short, so I moved them to underneath the handlebars and now I have chipped the paint on the tank as when I put full left lock on the bars the mirror bashed into the tank… gutted… the bike is only one day old!!

I have to run the bike in for the first 1000 miles and this used to be at a maximum 50mph but this engine I can run up to 80mph so I do manage to use the full gear range and once or twice slightly go over the 80 limit… I am being careful though as I don’t want any problems with this bike.

I enter the small town of Beaumont and, as it is almost lunchtime, I decide to stop for a break and some lunch.

There are a few eateries, but I decide on this one… obviously

I enjoy a delicious Omelette and chips and then get back on my way.

Having missed out on Lille HD I note that I will be passing another dealer at Namur so decide to drop in there.

Nothing of note. I do pick up a poker chip, but don’t purchase anything else…. for a change.

Next it’s onward to Liege in Belgium… ah ha, they also have a Harley shop, of course one must stop and peruse…

Wow, what a fabulous photo and just look at the saddle on this bike… now that’s really worth seeing.

Again, I just pick up a chip and am soon back on the road… onwards mon brave!!

I arrive at last at my overnight accommodation just 10kms from Dierdorf in Oberraden. I am staying in a Pension, but the door is locked and it looks empty. I check out my booking confirmation and I see that I have to go over the road to a hotel to check in and get my key. Everyone in the hotel is very friendly and asks if I am part of WRWR… wow, that’s a surprise.. another woman who is riding tomorrow is staying in the hotel and has told them all about it.. oh good, saves me having to do it… lol!!

A young chap then takes me over to the Pension… my room is on the top floor, in the attic.. of course.. standard… apparently there are some other people staying, workmen, but I don’t see any of them. Once I have unpacked the bike I need to ride over to Dierdorf to meet up with the women for dinner, I hope I’m not going to be late.

I find the restaurant straight away and there are a couple of women parking up their bikes as I arrive. They confirm I am in the right place. Once parked I start to make my way inside the restaurant but am immediately waylaid by my friend Dori G from Dykes on Bikes Hamburg.. it is almost a year since we visited DoB Hamburg and very good to see her again. We chat for a while and then she disappears to her hotel for a shower and change so I make myself comfortable in the restaurant with a nice cup of coffee of course. I do wonder what the plan is for the meal as I see several tables occupied by women in motorcycle gear, they are already eating so I ask if I can order. It seems that the whole restaurant has been booked out by the German WRWR Ambassadors and we can order and eat when we please.

My food comes quite quickly and as I am tucking in, in comes my old friends from the previous legs Colette and Mar, I am absolutely delighted to see them again and they come and join me at my table with Livi the German Ambassador and her boyfriend… what a jolly evening we all spend together, such a grand time.

Dori returns from her shower and is at the next table; as soon as I finish eating I go over to talk to her, she would like a photo with me, of course says I…


At about 9.30 I really pretty bushed so make my escape back to the Pension and hopefully a good nights sleep. Tomorrow we meet at 8am so I need to be up and at em very early as have to pack and get over to Dierdorf by then… zzzzzzz

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2 thoughts on “Wildwest Saddle Anyone??

  1. That saddle gives a girl dangerous (i.e. expensive) ideas! I am circling round the idea of an indian scout sixty as a next bike – a fancy saddle as well??? Only if work goes really well I guess

    1. Yes indeed… a saddle such as this would be very handsome on an Indian… I agree probably ultra expensive, but you only live once!!

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