WRWR – Last Day

1st May 2019 – WRWR Day 64, My Day 7

So dawns the last day of my trip to take part in WRWR again.  Colette will continue on with the WRWR from Amersfoort to Sweden and through Scandinavia.

Trui, Mar and I will make our way out of Utrecht taking fast roads to Ghent where Trui lives and Mar and I will continue our separate ways home.  Mar all the way to Oveido in Asturias Spain and me to London via Calais and the EuroTunnel.

We say your goodbyes to Inge and Ron, thanking them profusely for their kindness and hospitality.

The weather is fine and we are soon bombing along.. a most enjoyable ride as we take the smooth long bends in unison, like a short snake writhing from corner to corner, perfection.

A couple of hours and we arrive in Ghent.  It is May Day of course so, like many European countries, there are May Day parades and marches; Ghent is no exception.  Hundreds of people are milling in the streets all decked out in red.  There are small brass bands and groups of people gathered together waiting to join the parade.

Trui finds us somewhere to park our bikes and we make our way on foot to an enormous restaurant in what I assume is the city centre.  It is extremely busy and Trui spots a group of women she knows so disappears for a time to catch up with them.

We take the opportunity to take a selfie together before it is time to get back on the bikes.

Trui will guide us out of the city centre and then we will part ways.  But before we leave we ask an elderly gentleman to take some final photos of us and our bikes, unfortunately he doesn’t seem to be too sure of how to use a camera phone so luckily a woman comes along and takes over… naturally!

I’m sad to say goodbye to my friends, but we promise each other to meet and ride together again.  I, of course, live part time in Gibraltar so Mar and I agree we will meet up sometime in central Spain and go riding together.  Trui is off on her travels and will rejoin WRWR in Pakistan, but Belgium is just a few hours from the UK and I am sure we will meet again soon.

I must say, again, I am thoroughly enjoying riding on my own, it really is my preferred choice.  It has been absolutely an experience to ride with all these women in WRWR and I have met some firm friends who I know I will see again and again, but still I do love my own company.

I will soon be crossing the border into France and it won’t be long now until I arrive at Calais to board my shuttle.  I stop for a coffee here, it is really a beautiful day and some great scenery.


although I’m not sure this signpost is pointing in the right direction…

seems quite a few destinations are up a tree.

Just over 80 miles and I arrive in Calais in plenty of time to catch my train.

So that is the end of WRWR, I’m pretty sure I won’t be joining any more legs, but never say never.  Tomorrow I am away for the weekend with my club, we are visiting the Peak District so am looking forward to that.

p.s.  A couple of weeks later I get a letter in the post.. it’s a speeding ticket from when I rushed across northern France to get to Bollendorf for the German leg… sheesh!! one good thing, it’s only 45euro a lot cheaper than the UK and no points on my license so I pay up straight away.

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