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The trip to Mongolia is off.  It was pretty much a definite possibility but unfortunately, due to various reasons this is now not happening.

However, we are now thinking of a Balkan Bimble.. riding to Moldova to enjoy some of the fantastic biking roads there are in-between.  We also want to visit Dracula’s castle in Translyvania and have a good look round the eastern european countries.

We are again limited by time and budget of course so looking at alternative means of getting to the Balkans.  I have already ridden in most of western Europe many times; France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Northern Italy so it makes sense to bypass those as much as possible.  Again flying bikes around is an expensive business so Sylvie suggests going by sea!

Ferries run from country to country taking us all the way to Albania… UK to Spain – Spain to Sardinia – Sardinia to Southern Italy and finally Italy to Albania.  This equates to around 2 weeks travel, including a couple of days exploring Sardinia,  saving about a week on the road and lots of petrol and accommodation.  The most expensive crossing is UK to Spain at around £300.

This is all looking great, then Corona Virus hits!!  Ok so Sylvie is not sure she can make it this year, I am still hoping to tour so have looked online and the ferries can be booked with a free cancellation period up to 2 days before each sailing, (except UK to Spain so have taken out additional insurance to cover this).  I have locked in my ferry bookings and wait for further developments around the COVID-19 pandemic.



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