I woke up this mornin’…*

Day 2 – 1st July 2020 – Somewhere mid Bay of Biscay/Santander

After a pretty good nights rest and a fairly good breakfast am now sitting watching the sea go by.  This ship is really cold, I’m not sure why, maybe they are trying to freeze the arse off the covid germs??


As suspected, not much to say today.  The sea is calm and weather grey so that doesn’t help the temperature.

The ferry is pretty busy, but they have blocked off every other table so we are not sitting too close together and most people are respecting the social distancing guidance.


Have had a response from the tyre people, according to their records I was sent matching tyres.. please send photos.. well I will when I get back on terra firma, then await developments.

Am really hoping it won’t be raining when we arrive in Santander, I only just got all my gear dry.  The last 2 times I have arrived in Spain on the ferry it has chucked it down, so fingers crossed.

At last we are instructed to go down to the vehicle deck, we then have a long wait to get off… all goes smoothly… it’s raining of course.

My overnight accommodation is about 9 minutes away.. yeah right.. after getting lost several times I finally manage to find it, with the help of my host, Mundy who has now gone to work but sends me a couple of video clips showing where to go and how to find the keys she has hidden for me. She seems very sweet, hope I get to meet her in the morning before I go.

As I park up I see I have forgotten to bring a good lock, I only have a small one with me so I need to go shopping; any excuse of course. I am also still not 100% happy with Minnie, she still seems a bit light in the front so I need to adjust the rear shock, but have forgotten to pack the right tool… I mean seriously 😒

I unpack the bike, drag everything to the flat, get changed and look for somewhere to eat. There is a pizzeria just a few blocks away so have a troop over; it starts raining again, standard!

Spotted this around the corner

Think it may have something to do with Saint Theresa as it is on the avenue of the same name… seems pretty likely to me.

I assumed I would have to get a takeaway but no they have a few seats so am grateful for that. Thank the goddess that Spaniards like to eat late as it’s 10.30 now so I am lucky to get something.

All in all a long day, but am hoping for good weather tomorrow.


* When my grand-daughter was a toddler we would watch Peppa Pig together… there was one song Grampy Rabbit, who lives in a lighthouse, likes to sing, that I particularly love to torture her with… it goes:

I woke up this mornin’

and what did I see?

I saw the sea.

The sea the sky, the sea the sky, the sea the sky.

and repeat… ad nauseum of course ignoring the pleas to stop hehehe



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