Bledin’ ‘Ell

Day 20 – 19th July 2020 – Bad Gleichhenberg, Austria to Lake Bled, Slovenia

So I was awake until about 3.30 this morning, blogging and planning my route, which brings me to another change of plan.

I have never been to Venice, but have always liked the idea of going there and indeed did look into getting a ferry from Croatia, but sadly they are all cancelled this year due to Covid.  When I was looking at the map, I noticed that Venice is not that far away and indeed I would much prefer to go there than Vienna.  So that is what I am doing.  I am going back to Slovenia today and through to Italy.

Just as I am riding along, still in Austria, I pass this place and it looks extremely interesting, so I turn around and go in…

What an atypical Austrian venue, just amazing… I present to you the Bulldog Museum:

A junk yard come collectors paradise along with a very good restaurant.  It’s Sunday today and it seems to be very popular with the local bikers too; although I think those leather trousers could do with some saddle soap, or any soap actually… phew!!

I had a very nice early lunch and then back on the road.  Soon I cross back over into Slovenia.. no one in sight for either country.. indeed I don’t even see the border.  I only know I am in Slovenia when I see this:

Oh well.. keep going.  What can I say other than more of the same from yesterday.. churches on hill tops:

Pastel houses

Crucifix’s and ‘Shrines’

and.. lots and lots of mountains

The sky looks pretty foreboding and it does rain for a little while, but nothing as heavy as yesterday.  I have managed to repair a gaping hole in the rain pants with some gaffa tape so much better.

I also spot one of my dear old favourites,

A rather impressive one it is too.

I am heading for Ljubljana, the capital, as a satnav direction, I don’t intend to go into the city, so will bypass it on my way to Italy.  I stop on the way for petrol and a coffee and decide to check if there is anything near my route worth seeing and the first thing that shows up is Lake Bled, a rather unfortunate name I think, but apparently this is one of THE places to see in Slovenia.  There is a Monastery on an island in the middle of the lake, which sounds interesting, and it’s only about 40kms from the capital so I re-route for there.

As I start to get near to Lake Bled the mountains increase in height and beauty.

The traffic getting into Bled is terrific… but the road leads straight down to the lake.. it is magnificent.

I ride along the shore to see if I can get parked up, but it is pretty difficult as there are road works along the way.  I turn around and go back to where the road turns up and away from the lake and can see there are other bikes parked on the pavement here so I get Minnie up on there too.

As I park up I see a notice for a train tour around the lake, its only €5 and runs until about 9pm… oh I think I’ll go on that… but first I am bursting for the loo.  There is a coffee shop across the road so I go over and order one plus a toastie and avail myself of their facilities.

Just as I finish I see that the ‘train’, (it is one of those road trains i.e. not on tracks), is going to be here soon so I pay my bill and make my way over.

I get a little carriage to myself.. good.. and off we go.  Well blimey, I think one of the wheels must be square because it is really a very, very bumpy ride.. I can hardly take photos.  I do manage though…

By the time this little trip is done it really is getting late so I check on and find a room for the night.  I am quite impressed as it is very cheap, maybe because it’s a Hostel and although I said never again after the one in Albuquerque, this one looks very nice so I book it.

Just 1.5kms up a very steep hill and around the corner and I am there.  Whilst unpacking I hear a voice saying my name… correctly… she must be Irish, yep she is.  The owner is Coleen from Antrim and she is very helpful. I am in my own room, but with shared facilities, which is fine.  She has put me in the basement, which is also fine and the entire place is very clean and well kept.. unlike Albuquerque!!

I have already eaten so no need to go out again… must be time to blog!!

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  1. Lake Bled is stunning isn’t it, I was there last year on my Bulgaria trip. Then from there up over the Vrsic Pass, absolutely beautiful country 👍🏻

    1. Hi Sean aka hairy arsed biker 🤣🤣🤣 Yep it’s really excellent… love Slovenia xx

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