Just Popping Out for Pizza… the statistics

So the usual final roundup….

What’s the verdict?

Am still trying to digest this one, (hehe)… it has had some great highs, but incredible lows… mostly I think the bike I chose to take ultimately spoiled the tour, which is a shame.   However, I do acknowledge that I am extremely lucky to be able to ‘live the dream’.

and here is the usual breakdown:

Countries Visited



Italy x 2

San Marino


Slovenia x 2

Austria x 2

Czech Republic





UK x 2

Total distance travelled – 4271 miles


Ferries – £ 552.87 (including cabin upgrade to Santander and cancellation Bari to Durres, Albania)

Other travel – Eurotunnel – £74

Bike Insurance – My standard Bike Insurance covered me for all the countries I visited, I was planning to add insurance IF I did go to the Stans.  I took out special holiday insurance which covered me for motorcycling and off-roading in all the countries I might visit this cost £176.51 for single trip cover

Accommodation – Total cost €915  average €28.60 per night

Food – Don’t know, didn’t keep track of it

Fuel – mostly paid cash… a full tank was around €10 so roughly €15 per day

Toll Roads – Only one.. €10.50

Shopping – myob still

Best ride

Plökenpaß, Italy to Austria closely followed by Sardinia.. almost everywhere, but especially the west coast road.

Worst ride

Every day was a trial… just dealing with the bike issues, but the riding itself was fantastic, can’t fault the bike on that.  I can’t say there was any particular road or place that stands out as awful on this trip…. leaving the port in Sardinia was certainly the worst road surface.

Best Stay

I must mention more than one… definitely all of these are highly recommended

Casa Vera – Allué, Spain – https://www.pescavera.com/en-au/home

Guest House Le Gemelle – Luras, Sardinia – http://www.legemelleluras.it/en/

B&B Venice – Venice, Italy – http://www.bedandbreakfastvenice.it

Haus Blatthofer, Sankt Lorenzen im Lesachtal, Austria – http://www.blatthofer.com

Worst Stay

Studio Apartment Ivona – Karlovac, Croatia – horrible area, 11 flights of stairs!

and a special mention for Hotel Silvana – San Marino.. only because of Mr Grumps

Favourite Place Visited

Again have to mention a few places…


San Marino

KRKA National Park, Croatia

Sea Organ – Zadar, Croatia

Slovenia, especially Lake Bled

Venice especially Burano

Tyrol, Austria


Least Favourite Place Visited

Again, finding it hard to decide… not that there were many, just nothing really stands out as awful.  I would say probably Czechia, but I really wasn’t there long and didn’t go to Prague or any other key places so feels a bit unfair.


What I Would Do Again

Definitely visit Sardinia, Slovenia and the Tyrol


What I Wouldn’t Do Again

Go on the Himalayan!


What to Remember for the Next Trip

DON’T bloody overpack!!!!

Check the bike fully laden at least a day BEFORE leaving and make any adjustments.




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3 thoughts on “Just Popping Out for Pizza… the statistics

  1. I would like to thank you for taking me on your biking holiday. Your blogs are fantastic and I loved waking up to see the next one so I could live the adventure. I live in Australia and all our bordering states are closed and it’s winter ( not a fan of the cold) , so no riding over here at the moment.If you ever come this way I would love to have pizza with you, you would have so many stories to tell. Bless you and may you travel far and wide and stay safe. Nadina.

    1. Thank you for the feedback… hopefully the world will return to some kind of normality soon… Women’s World Cup 2023 might be a good reason to visit Oz… funds etc permitting so maybe we will get that pizza 😉

  2. Well done pogs can’t wait til next trip. What am I going to read everyday now

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