Day 10 – … and Breathe…

Mexico City – 25th June 2021

Today I am meeting up with my very good friend Annemarie who now lives permanently in Mexico City. The plan is for her to cycle over to my accommodation so she can leave the bike in a secure place. We will then spend the afternoon having a nice lunch and exploring the area of Coyoacán where I am staying. It’s going to be a quiet day folks!

And indeed it is… In the morning I take my laptop and head out to a local coffee shop… I really need to catch up this blog! I then go back to meet up with Annemarie and let her in to park up her bicycle. We make our way to Corazón de Maguey, a restaurant Annemarie often frequents, and have a very nice lunch indeed followed by a wander around the central square in Coyoacán looking in shops and generally enjoying the day. The weather is not great, quite chilly at times with rain predicted.

I have booked at ticket to visit the Frida Kahlo museum on Tuesday, so am really looking forward to that.

We also visit a local ‘Artisan’ market, it is full of stalls with mostly tourist focused objects and souvenirs, I don’t buy anything.

I am really exhausted so we soon make our way back to pick up Annemarie’s bicycle… I really need to get some sleep as of course I have been working most of the night.

The plan for tomorrow is to meet at the MotoExploreMexico place to collect my BMW F750, they have asked me to pick it up at 7am! They are heading out conducting some training so hence the early start. I have booked an Uber to pick me up at 6.15 in the morning.. hope it arrives on time and I have given the correct collection point. I have to say I am a little anxious about this bike as I think it is going to be tall… eek!.

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