Day 22 – Hiking Not Biking…

Montara, California – 7th July 2021

This morning I am up early and half expecting to find some mess as Barry has not been out at all while I have been here. Well what a good boy, there is nothing at all. I try to coax him out of the door again, but he is not having any of it. Ok so I guess he will let me know somehow if he needs to go.

I suspect that Lisha does not actually live here, I’m not sure if she is family or simply house/dog sitting, but there is loads of evidence that it is a young couple with a small child, possibly a baby, that live here. I mean it is none of my business of course, but I just hope my being here isn’t going to be a problem for her.

I have brought a MIFI unit with me, basically a mobile wifi that should automatically connect to local 4 and 5g networks. I got this thinking that if I am stuck for wifi I can use it, especially for work, but of course it is not connecting properly so I spent quite some time last evening and again this morning trying to get some support to get it working. I eventually managed to get on to the house wifi, just in time for work, but I still need to get the MIFI sorted. I found some oatmeal in the cupboard and have helped myself to that too.

The filters are dry and I am just about to oil them when Lisha arrives with her friend Julia in tow, it seems her bike has battery issues and I offer her my old battery, it still works and she is very welcome to it if it will fit her bike. I oil up the filters and leave them to soak.

I must also take the time to sort out the parcel for my grand-daughter, I really need to get it posted today if possible. I will need to go to the local post office to pick up a pre-paid box, I have done this before on my previous US tours so I know the drill.

Lisha and Julia are going out for walk, with Barry of course, and ask if I would like to join them. I say yes, it would be good to see the beach etc. What a lovely place to live, despite the cloudy weather it is still a stunning location.

I am struggling a little bit as dropping the bike on my foot, especially the ankle I broke several years ago, is now starting to ache with the climbing up and down the cliff top pathways. Lisha and Julia are planning to drive to a place for lunch and probably spend a few hours there, but I really need to get the bike sorted and I want to go to the local post office too, so Lisha directs me to a small shopping area where I can pick up a sandwich and visit the post office to get the parcel box.

I enjoy a lunchtime sandwich and have got a padded envelope rather than a box, might be slightly cheaper as cost depends on weight, to send the few souvenirs and other items I have for my Grand children etc. Unfortunately, the post office closes at 4.30 so I am not going to be back in time, it doesn’t reopen until 11am, too late really, but the one in the next town opens at 9 so I will go there tomorrow, let’s face it I’m not going anywhere today.

Back at the house I get on with re-fitting the air filters and wiring in the tracker unit. I then take the bike for a short run, to make sure all is working ok. The battery is marvellous, it has certainly made a big difference to the starting at least. The bike is much more responsive and I’m not getting any sluggishness in 5th gear so am very happy with that, guess I don’t need the spark plugs after all.. well for the time being at least. However, the tracker is not working, it doesn’t seem to want to connect the app to the unit so I will need to contact the makers for some advice.

While I’m packing the parcel Lisha and Julia return, we spend an hour or so chit chatting. The house belongs to a very good friend of hers so she is house/dog sitting until the end of the week while they have a break down in Southern California.

I need to try and get on with some blogging, I’m really getting behind. But first I go down and get my packing done and then I’m too tired and ready to get some sleep.

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