Day 37 – Chillin’ in Billings

Billings MT – 22nd July 2021

Today I am taking some time to catch up the blog, as usual, do my washing and just generally chill out. I do go out on the bike briefly to visit the local shops. Terra has recommended a visit to Scheels, a massive department store as I am still looking for a few camping bits and pieces. It is a rather interesting shop, it has a mini Ferris wheel and this,

Yes, a massive aquarium, just so amazing I couldn’t resist filming it.

When I was parking the bike I noticed a rather strange noise coming from the rear of the bike. I got off and had a good look around, but couldn’t see anything obvious… mmm maybe a stone got caught in the calliper?? When I get back on I try to reproduce the noise, but it seems fine now.

Back at the house I can’t resist filming Olaf of the Big Banana, he is just so adorable

I then spend most of the afternoon sitting in the rear garden patio area blogging and watching Olaf… suddenly he is sitting stock still, with the banana of course, but seems to be fascinated by something..

then I see what it is

He doesn’t bark or chase it, just sits there watching it intently.

This evening I have invited Walt and Terra to dinner, my treat, in return for allowing me to stay longer and use their broadband tomorrow. During the day a couple of their friends have been in touch and so they will also join us this evening; Jane who makes their anniversary cake every year and Ox, who used to be in the MC club with Walt and left at the same time as him, I look forward to meeting them.

Around 6 we get the bikes out and make our way to the restaurant. Walts bike is just gorgeous, very highly customised and the paintwork is fantastic. He calls it the pumpkin and every little detail has a pumpkin theme, even the leather grips have the pumpkin design. He also has a orange and red blanket roll on the rear, again with a leather pumpkin strap… just beautiful.

We have a really lovely evening, Jane and Ox are great company and the food is great too.

As darkness starts to fall the pumpkins on Walt’s bike begin to glow… just fantastic, I have never seen anything like it.

I thought I was working at 2pm tomorrow, but actually it is 6am, my job is at 2 but that is uk time. This means I will be able to pack up after I finish and get back on the road rather than stay an additional night, I certainly feel better about that as I don’t want to out stay my welcome that’s for sure.

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