Day 11 – Shaky Day

Got up late this morning… think I was putting off getting back on the bike… not like me at all, still a bit wobbly.

Went down for brekkie and finished off yesterdays thrilling instalment.  While I was there Elaine came in and we had a chat… she was telling me about her crash 2 years ago in more detail.. that cheered me up no end!!  I remember seeing her bike in the Ladies of Harley category at the custom show… pink I’m afraid, but now I’ve met her I forgive her… 🙂   Really very nice people.. her hubby came and we were talking bikes.. he customised his and Elaines V-Rods, very nice too.

As they are leaving I hobble outside to take some photos…

I’ve always quite liked the rods but they are too much of a stretch for me to reach the bars and foot pegs.. although I could put different bars on and move the pegs forward… mmmm now there’s a thought!

About half an hour later and I’m ready to go… pack up the bike and start to make my way to Santander via Bilbao and Cantabria (Santander) HD’s.  I’m taking it very easy… only doing about 60mph, especially as its quite drizzly.  I get on the motorway and just keep in the ‘slow’ lane, not taking any chances.. until I get behind a lorry and then I have to overtake… I open her up and it’s all fine so I start to feel a bit better.. then I think to myself, I’ve been riding for over 30 years and although I have fallen off a few times, that is to be expected in the scheme of things and I have never fallen off a harley before.  The more I think about it, the more I realise that it was a combination of rain and slick road surface that caused the spill yesterday and in the end I am fine, the bike is mendable and if I come off at 60 or 65 or 70 or 75 the result is going to be the same… finito benito!  I can’t ride at 20/30 all the way home so better I just ride my usual way and get on with it.  This decision is helped by the fact that the rain has stopped and the road is almost dry 🙂

Gps routes me to Cantabria HD just outside Santander first and I decide that actually I’m probably not going to bother with Bilbao… enough is enough.   I arrive at the address in the gps… yep no HD in sight… jaysus this is beyond annoying!!  I get my phone out and check the website.. they have a map of their location on it and I can see that it is just up the road from the current position… ok let’s see if the famous Pogs sense of direction can find it… some hope!  Ha! there it is… well done me…

I must admit I did go a bit over the top.. but they had a lovely shirt that I just couldn’t leave behind and a couple of other things too.. weeeellll it is the last one this year.

I’m not in there long before the Northern Ireland gang arrive… they are so lovely… then I notice the patches on their backs say Provincewide not Provincetown which is a BIG difference.  I don’t ask where they are from as I feel like its a bit of a delicate question give that I am Eire.

We really have a good chat about bikes etc. and they invite me to be in a couple of photos with them… that reminds me I must find them and ask for copies.

Here’s a photo I took of them

A grand crowd…

After this they leave and I sort out getting the new stuff onto the bike.  I then make my way in to Santander to find somewhere to eat… oh and I must pick up fags for Glo and Spin too.

I find a tobacconists and on the opposite corner is a cafe with some hoggies sitting outside so I park up, get the fags and go over to the cafe for something to eat.  A rather underdone spanish omelette, (which I always thought had lots of vegetables and peppers in it, but this was just potato), chips and a coke.. not that great, but filling.  As I’m waiting for the food Neil and Jane pop up, (the couple I met at the ride out dinner) and I tell them all about my accident.. then the Scots appear and Elaine and I have a short chat about the ride to Santander.. wow I feel like I have really met some lovely people this trip, its been grand.

I then make my way to the port to queue up to get onto the boat.

The queue is quite long and we have over an hour to wait.. in fact it was more like 2 in the end.. and it rained a bit… but never mind am on the boat now enjoying a pint or two in the lounge… there has just been a singer on and she was quite good.. feels even more like a cruise ship.

So that’s all for today… unless something interesting happens between now and bedtime that is.. if not ciao for now, last day tomorrow and then will be home.  Glo’s away so won’t see her till Saturday, boo hoo, but hoping to pick up the boys tomorrow night if not too late… yippee!!!

Something quite interesting happened.. I bumped into Barney and Sue… seemed pleased to see me and I must say I was pleased to see them too!  Nite Nite..

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