Day 13 – Trip Stats

Hi All… it’s lovely to be home… even though I am all alone.  The boys are still at the minders and Glo is still away, but I lounge in bed until mid morning and then call Harley Davidson insurance to put in my claim for the accident damage.  I’ll need to take the bike to a dealers for a proper estimate for repairs but that can wait til tomorrow.

So what’s the breakdown on the trip?

Countries Visited
England x 2
Spain x 2
Portugal x 1

Total Distance Travelled – 2477.3 miles

Ferries – £344  includes upgrade to a cabin for both journeys.

Accommodation – £415.68 (avg. £46.19 per night)

Food – £160.55 (avg. £13.38 per day)

Fuel – £268.78 (avg. £22.40 per day)

Toll Roads – £64 (including €40 fine)

Maps – £80.98

Lisboa HOG Chapter Rideout – £50.04

Shopping – myob

Best Ride – Northern Portugal on way back through the mountains
Worst Ride – Plymouth to London, but mainly due to the terrible weather

Best HD Dealership – All the ones that were open or still existed at the address in the GPS.. except
Worst HD Dealership – Porto… crap, I don’t think I have ever spent less than 10 minutes in a HD shop before.

Best Hotel – Dolce Cascais Guest House, but they were all good.
Worst Hotel – On reflection… of them all the one I would definitely not go back to was the first one the Hotel Begona in Gijon

Favourite Country Visited – Portugal
Least Favourite Country Visited – England… well the rainy, blowy ride home

What I Would Do Again
Travel on Brittany Ferries
Visit Portugal

What I Wouldn’t Do Again
Fall off my bike – hopefully
Trust the HD dealership address details in my GPS

What to remember for the next trip:
Warm gloves
Don’t trust the HD addresses in the GPS

Seems I took my own advice from the last trip, cos I did pack less; took meds; avoided cities for the most part, etc. etc.

All together a great trip.. I really enjoyed it, apart from the poor weather going and coming back.. Oh! and the accident of course..

Next trip??  Watch this space


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