Day Three – In the Doordogknee – Sunday 17th June 2007

Or the Dordogne for you posh french speakers…

Up early… again… Cor my nose is sore… ugh! belisha beacon or what; thats wind burn for you cos there certainly wasn’t enough sun to turn it that colour!!

Rightho there’s a HD dealers here so better spruce the baby up!  Well, clean the millions of squashed bugs off the front and wipe the chrome over… have to say she scrubbed up pretty good for a phat lass.

Surprise, surprise… I’m just one junction away from the dealership.  Loaded her up and I’m on my way… where the %&*£ is it… hidden away in the undergrowth I find the Limoges dealership… shut!  Shit, it’s Sunday and it’s France, (tres civilised as my Glo would say).

That’s funny.. the service area is open.. mmmm… but the shop’s shut so better get going.  Hold up.. there’s a big hairy french guy in a HD tee waving at me, so I pull back in.  Turns out they’re waiting for someone who has broken down in Potiers to turn up and the hairy geezer just happens to be the manager.  Come on in, he says, I’ll make you a coffee while you have a look around… and if you want anything else let me know. Now you know me, I’m not one to turn down an invitation to shop… especially in a Harley dealers.  No Anni, I didn’t buy any chrome… but sorry Glo I did manage to avail myself of the invite, (well, it would be bad manners to do otherwise), and picked up a new tee, a tube of chrome polish and some whitewall tyre cleaner. I also spotted the perfect thing for tornadoes… a leather face mask… luvverly… I was sure that if I bought it there would not be another drop of rain for the next 5 years….??

After forcing Pierre to have his piccie taken with me, 

for which he rewarded me with a Limoges Chapter badge; I took my leave and turned the Grrl down the A10 towards Toulouse, our next stop.  

Had enough motorway after about 5 minutes but carried on a while further then turned off onto the D39 and let the GPS route me through the villages.

By the way, it started raining about 30 minutes down the road so out with the Silence of the Lambs… I must say it was a good buy, what do you think?

I do have scarier photos….

It was set in for the day and nothing could shift it, but at least it wasn’t hailstones.  

I’m pootling along and lo and behold here’s another Chateau, (is that cat tray in English me thinks).. sorry but the mind does wander when you’re on your own…  I’m on the Richard the Lion Heart Route apparently, 
well I’ll go to the bottom of our street!!  

This is Arnac-Pompadour. More piccies…


So DoorDogKnee in the wet…

I don’t know what everyone raves about…yeah it’s lovely but Eire’s greener and more beautiful, (I am a little biased, true), also it is wetter actually…

Keeping to the back roads; some of them quite reminiscent of the back roads of Holloway i.e. full of potholes and bad tarmac repairs, I chance across the most picturesque scene so far.. do not fret dear reader.. yep I got photies…

This is Terrasson Lavilledieu and if you ever get the chance then take a look.

Back on the road and now I’m really tired, think I’ll just find my way back onto a dreaded motorway and get the hell to Toulouse and take a break.  The constant rain is getting to me and I just want to have a shower and a beer.  Still 150 miles to go and its 4.30 already…

Rain stopped and sun shining… 10 miles out from Toulouse sigh!

Arrived Toulouse at 7.30, found a hotel and am now sitting writing this and drinking lager.. bliss.

Tomorrow its Au Revoir France and Hola Espanol via a fluffy Andorra rabbit…. I KNOW it’s Angorra… duh!

Night night.

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