Day 6 – Flash floods

In the morning, after a light breakfast, I have a look at the speedo.  I checked on google and someone has had the same problem.. the solution is to remove the main fuse from the box under the seat, count to 10, replace it and turn the bike on.  I follow this to the letter, but still the same problem.  Meanwhile I have been joined by an elderly gentleman whom I assume to be Mr Hostels father.  He is jabbering at me in spanish so I try to tell him no habla espanol, habla inglese, but to no avail… he continues to jabber whilst watching me intently.  I point at the speedo and say ‘mucho problemo’ – I’m not even sure if this is spanish or spanglish – he nods though and smiles benignly.  I decide to try the fuse trick again… yay it works, mucho reliefo, (that is deffo spanglish… no I didn’t say it to him).

As I am packing the bike up it starts to rain again… sigh!  unpack the romper suit, climb into it, repack the bike… all with grandpop looking on, he obviously thinks this is better than telly, as does the daughter/daughter in law who also pops in for a look.  The room/dinner/wine/breakfast come to 68 euros.. so much for a cheap night!  I did like staying there so not going to grumble.

On the road by 9.30 and heading for Valencia.  The rain’s not too bad, anything is better than Andorra on Sea.  I decide a visit to Tarragona Harley Davidson is in order, but have a job finding it.  The satnav on the phone is fantastic, I think it is much better than the garmin, but whilst it is routing me to the right address, (I googled it), HD just isn’t there.  Oh Oh here we go again, the mysterious case of the missing HD shops Watson.  I decide to go around again.. then spot a shop called Trik Chop… ah I’ll ask in there.  As I pull up outside I see that it is indeed the Harley shop… thats a bit unusual.  Still nothing I like in the helmet department, but I did manage to find something else…. hehe
Back on the bike and on my way to Valencia.  I decide to visit Salou, I went there on holiday some 35 years or so ago… mmm wonder if it’s changed??  Ugh! typical tourist town, not my cuppa at all.  Rain has stopped now but the roads are really wet.  Am riding along the sea front and a couple of times the bike slips under me… heart attack time… I think it’s when I ride over the white painted sections of the zebra crossings, (of which there are hundreds), so I slow to a crawl and make sure I only ride over the tarmac sections.  Since I came off the bike in Spain 2 years ago, am very wary of riding in the wet; especially in Spain.  This seems to do the trick and it doesn’t happen again, phew!
Once clear of Salou I keep to the coast road for about 40 miles and then decide I need a good blat so pull onto the autopista, not realising its a toll road.. oh well nevermind.  Bombing along at 85 does wonders for my confidence so bugger the toll.
Stop for petrol and something to eat, then route the satnav to Valencia HD.  Arrive about 6.45 believing  it is open until 8pm… nope, shut… damn!  I spot a starbucks and park up to get a coffee and sort out tonights accommodation.  All sorted; I manage to get a 4 star hotel for 36 euros, via the wonderful, I do definitely recommend it.  Just as I get back to the bike it starts to thunder and lightning, better get the romper suit back on methinks.  I only manage to get the jacket half on when the heavens open… it’s even worse than Andorra, absolutely unbelieveable.  

Tried my best to capture it, but was afraid the camera would drown.
I try to shelter in a doorway but it is so heavy there is a flash flood in minutes.  I run round the corner to see if I can find anywhere a little dryer to put the trousers on.  Luckily there is a shop where I can get sorted.  Once done it’s back to the bike and on the road.  The rain has eased off slightly and before long has stopped. Arrive at the hotel, which is very nice ineed.  Apparently the rooms are normally 98 euro a night so mega deal!  They’ve got a swimming pool mmm might go for a dip in the morning.  Of course everything is wet again, all draped around the room drying out; the bathroom is really warm so put the boots in there hoping they will dry out by morning.
Ok off to bed now. Zzzzzzzzzzzz

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