Day 7 – Oh I Do Like to be Beside the Seaside…

Not a very interesting day… Perhaps none of them are.  Anyway, for those of you with no life, had a late start, there’s no rush… Only 500 miles to go in 4 days so can afford to take it easy.  Got up, the sun is splitting the decks… Hurrah!  So I finished the BSL for day 5 and 6… Mooched about a bit, packed up the bike, had a coffee and left about 12.30ish.  The bike is minging, I must take her for a quick wash and brush up.  

Am heading towards Murcia today, see where the road takes me.  After about 20 miles I think I better stop and clean this dirty grrl. Spent about an hour in a garage, but not as good as it could be… Will do until I arrive at the HOG rally… Am planning to enter her into the custom bike show so will need to go the whole HOG, (pun intended), and clean her to death.  It’s really warm so leave the leather jacket off and just wear the cutoff.
On the way the satnav decides to route me up another dirt track… What is it with the allotment route??

Other than that, a pretty uneventful ride and after about 150 miles, with a stop for petrol and some grub, decide to head to the coast, I fancy some sea, sand and sangria, enough mountains and rain aready!
Turn left and head towards Alicante then turn right down the coast… except there isn’t a coast road here, so have to travel inland for a while before turning back towards the Med.  It’s now coming up 7pm and have 160 miles on the clock today so that’s enough methinks.  Stop to find a hotel… Find something in Guardamar del Segura just 7 miles down the road, €36 again, obviously the magic number; good old
I was hoping to stay in a small enclave by the sea, but no such luck.  It’s quite a sizeable town and very touristy, the first two languages I hear are English and German, but at least I have a bed for the night.  The room is ok, probably not the best so far, but again is clean and has air conditioning so that’s good.  I also have a weeny balcony, overlooking the street… Ugh, but at least I can keep an eye on the bike as no secure parking here.
Am enjoying a glass of red and some peanuts as I type this… Tomorrow is going to be a rest day, well sort of.  One of the rear indicators has worked itself loose so will attend to that tomorrow.  Will probably ride down the coast a bit and see if I can find that elusive enclave to sit and paint and chill for the day… Well here’s hoping.
Night night

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