Day 29 – Sand, Sea and Sand

I pack the bike up and bid farewell to Daniel.  I’ve really enjoyed staying at his home and would actually love to stay another night, but he has a new guest coming so I have missed out.. oh well nevermind.

I have decided that there are still a couple of things I would like to do before I leave LA… first on the agenda is a ride down to Venice beach and have a look around.

On the way I spot Deus Ex Machina… a motorcycle shop… I have to go in.  It’s very chi chi, there is a coffee shop and a clothing shop with a couple of bikes, one of which is by Indian Larry, a famous bike builder.  I really like it, it has the same engine as my chop..

According to the label, not only mustn’t you touch the bike but it is owned by none other than Ewen MacGregor the famous scottish actor… go Ewen.

I have a quick coffee then its back on the road to Venice Beach.  This is where the very well known Muscle beach is located so I go there first.

I think I need to work harder….


I take a walk along the front to Venice Beach….

I like what they’ve done with the palm trees… reminds me of Cadillac Ranch

I’m not sure about the waste bins…

I think I’d better make my way to the PCH otherwise I’ll never get to Malibu.

Its only 20 miles so I am soon at a stopping point.

I notice these lanterns hanging in an alleyway between the shops, I just really like them, I think they make an interesting scene against the clear blue sky.

Unfortunately I don’t have time to stop longer and am soon back on the road down to LA again… next stop will be Rodeo Drive… no, not spending anything, just for a looksee.

On the way I stop to dip my feet into the Pacific Ocean.


Just after this a big wave soaks the bottom of my jeans… bugger!


On the way back, I manage to get some video

(dont bother watching past the stop at the traffic lights… I’ll edit that out later)

… and take a few photos of some of the beautiful homes here…

I assume they are very, very expensive.

Speaking of expensive;

the roller is really something… not sure I’m keen on the colour, too much like custard!

Now one tv reality programme, actually probably the only one, I watch is Real Housewives of Beverly Hills… not sure why, but anyway.  One of the participants is an Englishwoman called Lisa Vanderpump, who with her husband Ken own many restaurants around the world including at least 2 in LA, one of which is called Pump and it is in the gay district of LA, WeHo – West Hollywood.  It just so happens that I am passing there on my way out of LA so I decide to stop for a look.  When I arrive it is gone 5pm and is now happy hour, I think why not have a mocktail, just for the fun of it.  I park up and go in, it is very nice inside so I am expecting this to be expensive… well I am very pleasantly surprised; $13 for a lovely fruit mocktail and a chicken caesar salad… both very good too.


It is now getting quite late and I think to myself that I should swing by Griffith park and see the Hollywood sign at least.  It isn’t too far from Pump, about 6 miles.  I make my way up the winding hill road.. there are loads of cars and the car park is full.  The cars in front of me are being directed to a standby car park, which means they will have a steep walk up to the observatory where the viewing points are.  I however, because I’m on a motorcycle, am allowed to ride up to the top.. yay!

It is crowded.. I’m amazed!  I did get a few photos, but I have to say it was a disappointment because for some unfathomable reason they don’t light up the Hollywood sign and although I could see it in the gloom, just about, it really wasn’t what I was expecting.  You can really see the smog layer over LA too.

I don’t want to spend another night in LA so it’s time to move.  Back on the bike and it is soon dark.  I think I’ll just keep going as long as I can and then find somewhere to stay.

I ride for a couple of hours until I arrive in Palm Springs… Ohhh I think this might be a good place to stop, well I have certainly heard of it.  One thing I really notice riding in to Palm Springs is the wind, it is very, very windy and hot!  It looks like a nice place and I stop to have a look at ever faithful to find a room.  All done so I don’t waste any time getting into my room and falling into bed.


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