Day 30 – Desert Hearts…

I decide to stay 2 nights here so today am going to chill…. I plan to spend the morning resting by the pool, having a swim and generally doing bugger all.

And that is exactly what I do…

Did I mention it’s hot in the shade?

Bloomin’ eck!


BTW, the bites are clearing up nicely


Shoulders are a bit pasty potter tho!

After a couple of hours I decide to get ready and go into town for some lunch.  But first… there is, of course, a Harley dealer here, so a quick visit before luncheon methinks.

On the way I find out about the wind…. it is obviously windy here all the time

a little bit hairy crossing the bridge over the interstate I must say… HD would be on the other side, wouldn’t it!

The young woman in the shop tells me it blows most of the time and sometimes there are high wind alerts on the interstate…. grrreat.

This shop was a few doors along,


Rather amusing I thought.

Back across the bridge… leaning the other way… and in to town for some lunch.  I find a parking spot and the first thing I see when I get off the bike and onto main street is this;


Ha! There seems to be another Walk of Fame right here in Palm Springs.  There is also a statue to Sonny Bono… mmmm looks like the rich and famous might spend some time here.  It is a very attractive place and I especially like the buses and the architechture

and of course there are many, many palm trees..

Which are all lit up at night… it looks very Vegas actually.

So I discover that indeed this is a very popular destination for the old hollywood crowd, Bob Hope had a home here and apparantly Brad Pitt was rumoured to be buying something.  I also notice an abundance of medical facilities, some of them pretty large, including a dedicated plastic surgery complex so I suspect the population is in my age bracket and upwards.  Could I live here?  Yes I believe I could, apart from the heat… it’s just too much, I mean it is the desert afterall.

The other thing I notice, lots of gays and lesbians… oh goody… but I don’t bother to find a bar or anything, I’m well past all of that thanks.  I seems the famous Dinah Shore event takes place here every year, that is something I would like to attend – if I lived in the States that is.

Back to the hotel for more lazing by the pool, except I fall asleep and don’t get to the pool until 6pm.  Quick swim and then relax before dinner.

Altogether a very lazy day.

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