Day 33 – A Dead End… not

So today I am making my way towards San Antonio to visit The Alamo.  Its about 1000 miles so it’s going to take a few days.  First, however, I am going to visit Tombstone, the site of the famous OK Corral shoot out.  It’s about 25 miles off the interstate but thats ok, a 50 mile detour isn’t a big deal.

As I go through Tucson I see a Harley dealers.. expect they are shut, it being labour day.  As I pass I see it is actually open, so I turn around and go back for a visit, oh and a pin please.

More fabulous scenery and as you can see, not all deserts are just sand, there is quite a lot of greenery.

As you know, I do love a water tower, but they have to have the place name on them.  I have seen plenty of towers and onions but they have been plain so I don’t bother photographing them.  It has been quite a while since I have seen one with a place name on but yay here is one today.


And a very nice one too, with the little roof on the top.

Very soon after this I arrive at Tombstone… I pull up to park the bike and I can’t get the sidestand down as its on a slope and it won’t extend fully.  I am now stuck… again!  The bike is too heavy to push backwards, there is gravel on the ground and I can’t get off… jesus!!

I do manage to move the bike backwards by using my left leg jammed against the side of the engine… this is extremely hot and is burning my leg, but I don’t have a choice.  It is excruciating but at least I can now ride the bike forwards up onto the pavement and can get it round enough to get out of the gravel and off the slope.  I now park it elsewhere, but my leg is very very painful.

Anyway, Tombstone… wow what a place.  It really has been restored well, and they’ve got a Harley shop…. seriously!


you can’t really see it in the photo but itsthe second one along with the usa flag outside.  I do pop in of course and get the obligatory pin… and the very nice saleswoman offers to take a photo of me next to the shop sign… I’m sure everyone does it.

My 20th Harley pin

You might notice that my forehead is looking a bit red…  I forgot the sunscreen this morning.

So here is Tombstone.

One of the Saloons has a woman with a rather unfortunate name for its title…

not very kind, is it… I wonder if she did indeed have a big nose??

Interesting street names too.

It would seem I’m not the only Harley in town.


And this is where it all happened, the OK Corral, except it’s closed… sheesh!!

OK Corral – shut
Looks like one of em got away
In a nutshell

I take a leisurely walk, (hobble), around the town and by the time I have done so it is getting rather late.  The plan was to ride to Lordsburg and stop over there tonight, but its still 130 miles away, so I decide to stay in Tombstone.  I find a bed for the night on but before I go there I take a ride to the edge of town to Boot Hill, the old cemetery.

I get there at 6.30, just as they are closing… damn, I’m not having much luck.  Ok well I’ll just go to my hotel now… and what a hotel it is…

really couldn’t have been better, so perfect for a night in a place like Tombstone don’t you think.

Once I get to my room I have a look at the damage to my leg…


Owwww… I break out the first aid kit and lance it then cover with a clean, dry dressing.  Not pretty but it will do for now.


It feels much better for the lancing.. I’ll get some proper dressings tomorrow.

BTW, look what I found…


Now that’s fantastic….

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