Day 31/32 -So long Frank Lloyd Wright*

On leaving Palm Springs I spot this road sign…





Not sure what to make of it really, but I think it does speak to the popularity of the place with the movie set.



Anyway, time to go… I was going to ride to Yuma next, but have changed my mind so am heading straight for Phoenix Arizona…

Gosh the wind on the interstate is something… I don’t think it is quite as bad as the Texas Panhandle I crossed a couple of weeks ago though.

Some stunning scenery… and wildlife by the looks of things,


eek!  This notice was at a rest stop… I won’t go wandering off into the desert then.

The journey is pretty uneventful.. other than the wind and the fact that I have now left California and entered Arizona again; Ciao Cally, Howdy Arizona.

Yet again I have really got an amazing deal on; all this for £50 a night…

The accomodation is so good and the wind has really taken it out of me so I am staying here 2 nights too.

It is a really great place, there are free laundry facilities of which I partake of just after I arrive and they have a small shop where I can buy something to eat, so an all around very good choice.

Next morning I google what to do in Phoenix AZ… I find that just 15 miles away is Taliesin West, the winter home of Frank Lloyd Wright, the well known architect, (Guggenheim Museum, Ennis House in LA, etc.).  Right, I’m going there, (pun intended).

Another scorcher today, over 100 degrees in the sun so as I arrive in the car park I immediately look for some shade to park the bike in.  Oh no there isn’t anything, the only shaded area is for staff… damn.  Hang on, a bloke in a golf buggy comes along and tells me I can park in the staff area as they are not in today.. oh yeah, it’s Sunday.

The only way to see the buildings is to join a tour… $32 for a senior citizen. I decide I really do want to have a look around so I join the tour.  I’m afraid I did take lots of photos…

Our tour guide, John was extremely good and made the tour very interesting and enjoyable.

the interiors were equally interesting

But what I really liked most were the sculptures in the gardens.. these are predominently by Heloise Crista who was an apprentice of Wrights but decided to continue as a sculptor.  She is still alive today and in her 90’s; she actually lives at Taliesin West in one of the apartments.

Other sculptures I liked


More external photos

If you are ever in Phoenix I strongly recommend a visit to Taliesin West, it really is worth it. Fantastic!

On the way back I call in to the Harley shop.. it has just closed and won’t be open again until Tuesday..What! Oh no it’s Labour Day tomorrow… that means I won’t get a Phoenix pin.. awwwww.

Oh well, nevermind.. the one that got away.

*from the song by Simon and Garfunkel

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