Under starters orders…

Here I am in a cheap hotel in Folkestone… staying overnight as I am catching the Channel Tunnel train at 6.50 tomorrow morning.

Having spent most of last night attempting to download a map of France into my Garmin Zumo, which then wiped out the UK maps so had to start again.. quite frustrating.. already.  I then worked on the bike almost all of today, checking the oil, cleaning, packing etc etc.

Paisley, my grand daughter,  decides to have a quick pose…. manage to wrestle the bike back tho’

She is wearing her Frozen Princess gloves by the way.

At last I am on the road by 5.15pm arriving in Folkestone about 7.15 after riding the last 50 miles in brilliant sunshine, a good omen methinks.

Once I found the hotel I went off in search of a petrol station.  It was very pleasant riding along the seashore in the last rays of the sunshine.  

Folkestone appears to be quite a nice place… an archetypal British seaside resort

complete with some very grand hotels… in fact this one is called The Grand.

Hold up… looks like I didn’t miss the St Louis arch after all….


a la Folkestone.

So, back to the hotel after having something to eat for an early night.. have to be up at 4am to get to Le Shuttle… unfortunately there is a group of young people a few doors down from me who obviously think this is their home and are very, very noisy.  I ask them to keep the noise down as I have to be up at 4, which is obviously hilarious and only serves to make them worse.  I hope I can get at least a couple of hours….

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