Dizzy in Dizier

This morning is bright and am soon on the road again.  I am heading for Dijon Harley Davidson as I missed it on the way down.

Am back down to earth and passing through some lovely towns on my way north to Saint Dizier where I will be stopping for the night.


It is very green and the sudden appearance of a brightly coloured bridge really does stand out in the landscape.

I stop for petrol and bump into a group of Hoggies from Belgium.  We have a quick chat, it’s always great when I meet friendly people  and this is no exception.

I ride along with them for a while, but soon I decide to go it alone again.  I pass by a ‘small’ chateau, which has now got a new lease of life as a conference venue.  As I stop to take this I am overtaken by the Belgians; I don’t see them again after this, I expect they have taken a different route.


I decide to skip the dealership in Dijon as I know I will not get there before 12 when they shut for lunch; I route instead to another dealer at Chalon-sur-Saone… it’s shut! Bugger!  I then think, well it’s lunchtime now so I will have something to eat then go to Dijon arriving after they reopen at 2pm.

I arrive at 2.30… they are shut??  I check out google and yep all the Harley dealers are shut, must be either a national holiday or they just don’t open on Mondays I guess.

Before too long I arrive in Saint Dizier.. blowed if I can find the flippin’ Motel… I ride up and down the road it is supposed to be on, but can’t see it.  The gps keeps routing me to the address but there’s no F1 motel to be seen.  I get out my phone and try the maps on that… ok so it is off of the main road and behind some industrial units… mmmm.

It has been a really lovely day, the sun is shining and it is really very warm.  I spotted a car wash just round the corner so once I have unpacked I take the bike over for a quick wash and brush up… there are plenty of splattered bugs to be scrubbed off, yuck!

The Formula 1 motel is really basic, the room is a good size with a wash basin but you have to use shared loos and showers.. it’s ok for one night and there is free wifi, use of a microwave and a few machines with drinks etc.  While I am out washing the bike I drop in to a supermarket and pick up a microwave meal, etc.  All good.


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