Au Revoir….

Last day…  I have plenty of time to get to Calais ready to board the train at 19.50 this evening so decide on a little detour via Lille Harley Davidson, even though I have been there before.

It’s a glorious morning and looks like it’s going to be a grand day.

The scenary is very green interspersed with bright yellow rape seed fields…


the roads are flat, mostly straight and uncluttered by traffic.  Altogether a very fine ride day indeed.



As you can see, I had my artistic head on today…

Now that I am able to upload the video, here is the last piece for this trip: enjoy.


I stop for lunch and immediately notice one of my footpegs is missing from the crash bars… well it had to happen, I just had to lose something!


I take the detour as planned and arrive at Lille HD around 4pm.  Now I know this is completely out of character, but yet again I leave empty handed… 😱😱😱. Not even replacement footpegs, well done me.

Now only a short hop to Calais and I arrive in plenty of time.  At the self service check in booth I am given the option of an earlier train… why not… the next one leaves in 30 minutes and costs an extra £2 or I can wait a bit longer and get a free one.  I opt for the earliest one.  A quick detour to the loo and grab a coffee then back on the bike to the train.  OMG 😲 I’ve missed it… quelle surprise, typical of me!  I end up on the next one, still early but I could have saved myself £2.

Straight off the train and home by 7.30pm…

A total of 1,839 miles.  I really enjoyed the trip and think it is one I will be doing again in the future.


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