Woo Hoo… I’m a record breaker!!

So yesterday I rode in to the world record attempt for the largest female biker meet at Lynn’s Raven Cafe, Whitchurch, Shropshire.

Rode up on Saturday with Priscila who I have been corresponding with on Facebook, (she likes my bike),



and a small group from North London to Telford where I was staying overnight in a very good guest house; highly recommended

Grove House Guest House
Grove House Guest House
1 Stafford Street St Georges

Excellent room, great breakfast and helpful staff.. what more could you want.. oh yeah price, just £36 fab.

In the morning I rode to meet up with Pricila at her hotel and ride in the last few miles together to the event.  Of course it rained… and, as usual, I prayed it would soon stop so didn’t bother putting on the romper suit and, as usual, I was wrong, so wet again.

Have a short clip of us arriving, unfortunately the rain makes it a bit difficult to see what is going on, but gives you some idea, (that’s Pricila in front on her sexy Ducati Monster).

Pricila's Monster
Pricila’s Monster… cool…





I’m rider 201 and have a sticker to prove it.

Me and Prisila
Just arrived… damp but happy

Bumped into Racheal in the bike parking, lovely woman from the local area, and enjoyed a look around the site, but coffee first of course.

Have a good look around. there are loads of bikes and women…


including these grrls from Ireland… go bragh.

Another woman has brought a passenger who doesn’t seem to be able to dismount the bike



After lunch I bumped into a couple of wimmin from Sussex Dykes on Bikes, we talked about Hastings Pride next month (August) and DoB are going to be leading the parade.  I am planning to go and ride with them along with any other Dyke bikers.

Around 2.30 Pricila and I decide to make a move and begin the ride home.  I was planning to ride alone as I want to visit RAF Cosford, which is just a few miles down the road.  I was stationed there back in 1976/77, when I was in the WRAF, so 40 years ago exactly – eek!! Pris doesn’t mind stopping so we agree to ride together.


While we are there we spot the local Air Ambulance and, as a paramedic herself, Pris asks if she can have a look.  They are very obliging and she manages to get a photo with the helicopter..


is this a career move on the horizon methinks, chopper pilot next perhaps??

Pretty uneventful ride home, except for the terrible traffic on the M1… filtering for about 10 miles and looks like it’s going to be the same for the next 30, grrr, so take a detour off eastwards towards the A1 and then down to the M25.. longer but safer in the end.

All in all a great ride/event… fantastic to meet and ride with Pris and made some other new friends too.  Looking forward to some great riding and fun in the future with these girlies.

Soooo.. did we break the record… YES indeed… 1132 women and their bikes… well done everyone.



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