Dhoby Day*

Day 8 – 7th July 2020 – Luras, Sardinia

*What’s that you say… well it is an old military saying meaning a day off duty to do ones chores, washing, mending, cleaning, etc.

So I am having a dhoby day today. I’ve put the few bits of washing into the Laventaria again; washed Minnie; sorted out and repacked everything and fitted the Mosko Moto harness onto the bike.

It was also an opportunity to rest my hands and elbow… my left heel is also numb for some weird reason so am giving all of that a chance to recover. I went to the local Farmacia and got an elbow support so hopefully that will help.

I took the opportunity to update myself re covid restrictions in the Balkans and to be honest it’s not looking good. The only country I can enter from Albania is Serbia and that isn’t straight forward so decided to have a rethink. Took myself and my laptop off for a coffee this morning and have made some decisions.

Basically, I have cancelled my ferry from Bari to Durres in Albania and booked the same day from Ancona to Split in Croatia. I then have some options to carry on towards Ukraine, depending on Covid, or head north to Hungary and turn west towards home.

I did ride briefly to the Laventaria and the jet wash. I was actually congratulating myself on not losing anything yet just yesterday, then as I was leaving the jet wash a car behind was flashing me, of course I thought they wanted to get past, but as they came level a woman shouted something about casque so I thought oh no my box… I immediately pulled over and yep the top box was open with the keys still dangling in the lock! Very luckily, well actually amazing to me, I haven’t lost anything…. yet!

This evening I could only find one place open to eat, a Pizzeria of course. They only had pizzas so that’s another one… enough now. It was weird because it was the same place I was looking for the other evening, but in a totally different location to where it is in google maps… very strange.

Another strange thing, when I asked for the bill, the waiter asked me to write down my name… out with the new pal, I-translate,

‘why do you need my name’?

‘For security reasons’

‘What kind of security reasons’

To which he shrugged…

I gesture, no one else has asked me… other restaurants, cafes, etc. Another shrug and he waves his hand to say forget it.

I look at the bill… I had water and a pizza but there is a third item for €2 so I ask what it is for? It’s a table charge… oh, ok thanks…

In that case I didn’t bother leaving a tip… all a wee bit odd.

A reasonably quiet day and an early night as I have to leave here at 7 to ride to Porto Torres and get the ferry to Civitavecchia

No photos or vids today so should be published on time… yay

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2 thoughts on “Dhoby Day*

  1. Split old city s absolutely beautiful. Have you been before? If not I suggest you plan at least a couple of days. We found an airbnb in the old residential part – an easy walk up ancient steps from the town (& you know that I don’t do walking!) The roads up there also much easier on a bike – car parking would be a nightmare. Btw lots of eating places which are not pizza!

    1. Hi no I have not been before so looking forward to it… if I can get in. Have to fill in a form with accom details incl dates from/to so a bit nervous if they will let me in with only a couple of nights pre-planned 🤞🤞 Don’t suppose you have the air bnb details? X

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