I Do Like to Be Beside The Seaside

Day 7 – 6th July 2020 – Northwest Sardinia

Todays jaunt is way out west…. am heading for Alghero and then Baso out on the coast there.

It’s just under 100kms so about an hour and a half.  I have to say my hands and right elbow are giving me gyp… Minnie is a single cylinder bike, what we call a thumper, and she does thump.  Very heavy vibration not helped by the road surface.  I forgot to bring any wrist or elbow supports with me so they will have to go on the shopping list.

Pretty uneventful ride, but that is truly made up for by the magnificent road running along the coast from Alghero to Baso… PCH1 eat your heart out, (Pacific Coast Highway 1).

But first it’s time for lunch… oh no not pizza again I hear you say… well actually no, I have pork milanese, which I was expecting to come with spaghetti napoli, but instead it has chips.. oh well, probably my error.

Then its on down the coast road to Baso, I have filmed it but expect it to take forever to load up… will try though

I have got two cameras with me, so have filmed from two angles.. I had problems getting the data from the cheapo camera.. quell surprise… but have found a way to do it now.. hopefully they will upload.

I enjoyed it so much I did it twice!!




Another long but very enjoyable day.  I stopped at Lidl on my way back and picked up some bread, cheese, ham and fruit… no pizza today lol


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