Day 2 – Away a Paddlin’ We Go

Cancún Mexico – 17th June 2021

This could be slightly TMI but yes the ice cubes have done their work… must get some immodium today!

So the Jet Lag has kicked in, went to bed around 9pm, (3pm UK time), wide awake at 4am, pottered about sorting out my unpacking etc. Slept for another hour then up and at em at 7.30… well… won’t be rushing anywhere as it is still honking it down. The wind howled in the night too so really not great weather. I get myself a cup of coffee; have brought my camping coffee maker and some Taylors coffee grounds thinking it would be easier than going out to coffee shops every morning. My hosts’ hubby is in the kitchen, he is also a very nice person and we enjoy a chat about the weather, very English!! He says he can’t ever remember it being this wet, so that shows how bad it is. He shows me how to use the hob to boil water for my coffee and explains that the kitchen is there for the guests use so just to help myself to cups etc.

I settle down in the front terrace area to drink my coffee and enjoy the view… well the rain that is.

It is still quite warm so the rain doesn’t bother me that much as I’m not a beach person or getting soaked on the bike, which, to my mind, is a bonus. I finish my coffee and decide to go for a wander to buy some food. Hubby has told me how to find a supermarket nearby, but on my way back to the kitchen the Mrs calls me over and tells me the right way to the supermarket, obviously Hubby doesn’t go there much. She also introduces me to another lady who helps out with the cleaning etc. Juanita, who doesn’t speak any English so Mrs translates for us.

I get myself ready and start out towards the supermarket, the roads are awash and 6 inches deep in places, my feet are immediately soaked. I see a bakery/cafe across the road and decide to go in for a coffee and croissant, oh shit I’ve forgotten my dinero… turn around and splish splash back to the rooms… Mrs and Juanita are still chatting and laugh when I tell them why I have returned so quickly. Out into the fray again and I enjoy a very fresh croissant and coffee before making my way to the supermarket. I pick up some food and a large bottle of water… no tap water for me, even need to clean my teeth in the bottled water as I have a dicky tummy already. In my RAF days we had numerous nicknames for this, mostly derogatory, but Montezuma’s Revenge is fitting in this instance.

I pass through the large tourist market, managing to not buy anything despite plenty of hawkers tempting me in. In the middle is a restaurant area so I decide to make an early lunch. During lunch I am treated to this…


Excellent! The food was also good and everything here is so cheap, which I really need given all the money I have wasted getting here.

Back at the room I go to make myself another coffee and am soon joined by Mrs and Juanita… it seems Hubby has told her about my little coffee ‘machine’ and she is keen to watch how it is done. I make a coffee for her to try, she really enjoys it although I think the process is better than the result on this occasion. I have brought some Cadburys chocolate with me, mostly at AnneMaries request, but I have a bar for me so decide to share with the girls, they love it and Mrs says it’s the best chocolate she has ever had… wow, now if that’s not a resounding endorsement then I don’t know what is. I take my laptop out to the terrace to start looking at things to do in Cancun in a hurricane… Mrs tells me there is a terrace upstairs which is much more comfortable and shows me the way up. It is indeed brighter and I settle down to do some research. I can’t make up my mind, there are so many similar tours and ‘experiences’ but all the while I am thinking whether to do it or not in the rain. I think the swimming with turtles will have to wait for better weather. I could go on a tour to some Mayan ruins, but the trip I like the look of is 10 hours, with 6 of them on a bus!! I think I will wait for now and see how the weather goes.

By 3pm I am bushed and so go to bed early… I really want to stay asleep and combat the Jet Lag as quickly as possible. Manana amigos

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