Day 12 – Day Drippin’ in San Ángel

Mexico City – 27th June 2021

Today the plan was to get on the bike and go off exploring a road that is a big favourite with Bikers here, but the weather is not playing ball. In the end we decide to leave it and just meet up in Coyoacán for coffee. On the way I take the opportunity to show how lovely this area is, with wide tree lined Avenida belying the fact that this is in the heart of a massive city.

As you can see, the weather isn’t great and it has been raining off and on all morning. I enter the central area of Coyoacán via a different route and come across another beautiful square

For more information about Coyoacán I found this to be very informative…

I meet up with AM again and we drop into Starbucks for a quick coffee. We then get an Uber to take us to San Ángel. This is a very arty district, which includes the Studio of Frida Kahlo and her on/off/on again husband Diego Rivera. We go into one house that seems to be part shop part gallery called Tocamadera. Everything here is for sale and I wish I didn’t need to consider space and fragility, most of this wouldn’t last 5 minutes on the bike.

For some reason my camera decides to play up so some of these images are a bit blurry… shame really.

After a little more wandering around, we decide to stop for lunch. We go into La Pain Quotidien a very nice space with soothing ambient music, unlike a small cafe we visited the other day that had huge TV screens blasting out cRAP music… UGH! I have an excellent omelette followed by a coffee eclair that was too hard to resist.. yum.

It’s now starting to rain quite hard so we go to pay a quick visit to this church with a beautiful walled garden

The church of Parroquia de San Jacinto is one of the oldest in Mexico City. We don’t go in as there is a Mass in progress, this being Sunday that comes as no surprise. We do however enjoy the gardens, despite the rain.

It’s time to go home, the weather is atrocious and we are both tired. We will meet again tomorrow to take the bike back to the rental company. Afterwards we plan to visit the historic centre to see the Palacio Nacional, one of Mexico City’s main tourist attractions.

I actually go to bed as I am really exhausted, for a few hours kip. After this I decide to go out to eat at around 8pm electing to return to the Japanese restaurant just 2 minutes away. Another excellent meal, I actually over ordered by mistake but nevertheless it was well worth it.

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