Day 13 – Floggin’ the Bloggin’

Coyoacán, Mexico City – 28th June 2021

I am working for a short time this morning then AM is due to come and pick me up so we can take the bike back. I suggest I get an Uber and meet her there to save having to cart my helmet and jacket around. I then receive a message to say something has come up so she will drop the bike and I can go over to deal with any paperwork after work and we can meet up later. A little later and the bike is all done, I don’t need to go there… am pleased about that. Big thanks to AM for sorting that out for me.

AM’s plans are taking longer than expected so I decide to go and plot up in the Starbucks near me to carry on updating the blog. I can also take the item that needs exchanging back, that will save me having to go there again.

I decide to go into the Mall first and sort out the exchange, but when I get there the department store doesn’t open until 11 so I take myself back to the Starbucks. After about an hour I have finished Day 11 ‘Double De-Clutch’ but I can’t get one of the videos to load, so give up. Back into the Mall and the exchange is all done… what to do now? Ok, so there is a McDonalds and as I really can’t be bothered to look for something better I go in.. just the same as everywhere else, no difference at all… it fills a gap.

I really can’t have another coffee, I’m supposed to be cutting it right back so I decide to go straight back to my room to finish uploading the video and get the blog fully caught up.

AM isn’t going to be able to meet with me today after all. I have some things planned for tomorrow including the Frida Kahlo Museum and AM is working, but we will meet up later in the afternoon… I have a surprise planned for you all.

On my way back I take some photos of the properties around here.. some of them are really stunning, especially this one

However, what you may not immediately notice are the coils of razor wire, electric fencing and multitude of security cameras festooned on these properties… what a shame that these owners do not feel safe in their own homes it seems.

The house I am staying in is bare in comparison

The street corner, however is also well camera equipped

As I enter the property no one is home so I quickly grab a couple of interior shots to show you what I mean about the NYC loft apartment style

I would love to have a property like this… it would probably cost a fortune to bring it up to date and renovate, but what a fantastic canvas.

I spend the rest of the day catching up the blog before my Covid swab appointment at 6.50pm. After that I’ll go and eat I guess.

Well when they say to you ‘slight scratch’ you know it’s gonna sting, but when they say to you ‘try to stay still’ you know it’s going to fucking hurt!! I went to get my Covid test and I have had a PCR test a few times before, but this…. I am called into a tent where luckily the tester speaks great English. She explains that my results should be through in no more than 24 hours, so that’s great. The throat swab is fine but the nostril…. ay-yi-yi. She pushes the swab up my nose until I can feel it almost at the back of my throat, then twists it around several times… now I know I’m a bit of a baby with these things, but FFS this is torture. My nose actually hurts for a good 15 minutes afterwards. The other issue is the results are only in Spanish.. I presume this will be ok with the US border people, after all they must deal with hundreds of thousands of test results in Spanish from Mexico, but have to wait and see.

After that I decide to make my way to a restaurant that AM recommends, Centenario 107, which is only a 15 minute walk from the test centre. On the way I pop into a supermarket for a few bits and pieces.. oh and chocolate lol! I order flattened chicken breast and chips. When it comes it is literally a chicken breast that has been put under a road steam roller… I mean it is enormous but only 4mm thick! Absolutely delish and the chips are great too.. think I might have to go there again tomorrow night.

On the way I took some photos of the pavements… they leave more than a little to be desired, crampons anyone?

They are almost all like this, a consequence of tree lined roads; the roots come to the surface desperately seeking water in this, usually, hot country.

Time for bed Zebedee

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